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New York Bus Simulator

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New York Bus Simulator

From Excalibur's range of bus simulator games for PC, a fantastic new challenge is waiting for you as you take on the role of driving the M42 route from the Hudson River to East River which will involve driving your bus straight through the heart of Manhattan.

New York Bus Simulator is a fulfilling game. This simulator game is all you need to have fun indoors. Enjoy the hustle of New York City as a city bus driver. Aerosoft GmbH has published the game, and TML-Studios develop it.

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The dollar amount in fuel savings utilizing a simulator is certainly welcome, but it will be minuscule versus the savings in avoiding just one collision with proper pre-purchase planning and understanding how to provide world class training to provide world class operators.

There have been transit agencies who have integrated a bus simulator into their bus operator training program and have been successful in achieving the results they had hoped for. They did their homework before purchasing, and by doing so, it placed them in a position to be successful.

The bus industry today is in need of establishing standards for training, retraining and certification of bus operators throughout North America. Finding an affordable way to utilize emerging technologies toward this end was the driving impetus in the development of a unique public-private partnership that has resulted in a successful research and development effort. New York City Transit (NYC Transit), working with private industry, has developed a Bus Operator Training Simulator that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to safely simulate bus driving conditions in both urban and suburban areas. The bus simulator utilizes sophisticated computer generated graphics, bringing reality to virtual reality bus operator training.

City Bus Simulator 2010 is a very unique bus simulator game developed by Aerosoft. It has an extremely realistic gameplay and concept design that makes you appreciate driving on the usual busy streets of New York.

It is more interactive compared to other bus simulator games that focuses entirely on driving buses. In here, you are able to really move around as a person and not just as a driver behind the wheel. You can also alternate between 1st and 3rd points of view. You can also do a passenger check and see if you already have a full load.

City Bus Simulator 2010 gives you more freedom and depth with its gameplay. It also makes you feel more involved in the game because you are able to see your character and you have actual interactions with your passengers. It does not leave you with the simple task of driving around and fetching passengers unlike in other bus simulators. You will feel like you really are part of the game.

Driving dynamics and kinematics are simulated in order to obtain realistic driving data. To this aim, 12 professional drivers were employed in the project. No previous information was given to the driver, so natural driver behavior was expected. Each driver performs sessions during a minimum of ten minutes. Information on 27 variables was collected at the simulator, among which we can mention the speed of the truck, the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the engine, the angle of the steering wheel (SWA), position of the truck on the road, the slope of the road, the position of the pedals, etc. Each variable provides a data point every 5 milliseconds, so for each session more than 50,000 data points were collected. Also, to provide more information to the experts, two videos per session were col


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