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Easton Flores
Easton Flores

Fantasy Grounds - Pirate Adventurers (5E) Download !FREE! Mega

Contact us at with any questions or for support requests. The forum is also a great resource to get questions answered quickly or to find groups of players and gamemasters you can join.

Fantasy Grounds - Pirate Adventurers (5E) Download Mega

Lighting and Color: In general (from the downloads I have made from the list) I feel that these maps are well lit and good for most campaigns. Note though that if your vision for your game world is very bright (high fantasy, very lush greens, almost a glow off of everything, even ancient ruins are still shiny marble white for some reason), you may need to tool around a little with lights and colors with an editing program on your off time.

Really good maps all high quality and works well with fantasy grounds. Wish they created another bundle just dedicated cities and villages. Overall great for throwing maps when you need it the most and having a selection!mic


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