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Buy Delivery Truck 2021

In addition to sourcing vehicles, we have partnered with AP Equipment Financing to provide some of the most competitive and comprehensive finance and lease programs available for independent delivery contractors. As a direct equipment lender with an in-house titling department, they can secure financing for your vehicle without all the red tape that has become the norm with other financial institutions.

buy delivery truck


In partnership with AP Equipment Financing, we have built some of the fastest and most comprehensive financing programs dedicated to independent delivery contractors. Whether you are a one-route contractor or a fifteen route contractor, we can be a resource for your business. With competitive rates and accommodating programs, partnering AP aligns your company with a professional and ethical commercial lender who understands your business!

Just the right size for a small business, a cargo van, also called a commercial van, carries equipment and supplies, enables deliveries, and ensures your business needs are met when it comes to cargo or freight. There are several types of box trucks and vans to boost your productivity, whether you need one or a single fleet of moving vans.

No two vehicles are created alike, and it's the same with commercial options as it is with personal passenger cars and trucks. Get to know the types of trucks so you know what will work best with your location before you start your search.

Now it's time to look into what make you desire and check into the available models on eBay. If budget is a worry, then look for an older model year that's pre-owned and been well-maintained; these trucks are built for the long haul, so buying a used vehicle is a convenient way to save some cash.

For businesses that rely on package delivery trucks, investing in these commercial vehicles is an important decision. Your business needs a delivery truck that will create better efficiency on the job while offering durable long-term use. At Transwest, we understand how important it is to access the top inventory of delivery trucks, which is why we back our selection with trusted brands, like Morgan Olsen and Utilimaster. You can rely on our staff members for expert advice throughout the entire sales process.

Delivery trucks serve an important role in the world of business. Whether you operate a small local delivery company or a large national scale operation, we can help you find the right commercial vehicles to get the job done. With ample cargo space and a design flow created specifically for delivery drivers, these vehicles help ensure that package deliveries are made efficiently and on time.

Delivery trucks are specialized commercial vehicles designed to transport goods or services directly to customers or other businesses. These trucks are equipped with a large, enclosed cargo space where goods or tools for a job can be stored. These items are protected against the elements, making delivery trucks ideal for sensitive items.

Not only do these commercial trucks feature a large cargo space, but they also offer a comfortable cab for the delivery driver. Delivery trucks also vary greatly in size, with cargo spaces to meet almost any need.

There are a variety of options depending on your goals, your specific routes, and your budget. For example, if you have a more rural route, you might want to consider of cutaway instead of a step van. The pick up style chassis is more suited for these routes as there are fewer stops and typically a more rugged terrain. If your route is more urban, a step van is your best option. This unit is more ergonomically efficient for continuous stop and go and can fit more packages. Regardless of your choice, Transwest is prepared to offer you both options in a timely and cost effective manner, allowing you to put your best foot forward in the package delivery world. Should you have more questions based on your specific routes, please email us with your current fleet and we would be happy to provide replacement fleet analysis data.

A delivery truck is a vehicle specifically designed to expedite the process of delivering goods to customers. Delivery vehicles are created for efficiency down to the smallest details, such as how easy it is to enter and exit the truck. The following are all benefits of a delivery truck:

A popular step van approved video event data recorder (VEDR) system which has an artificial intelligence based in-vehicle camera and a road facing ADAS camera that meets and exceeds parcel delivery guidelines.

Yes, Transwest prides itself on being at the forefront of all technology and innovation changes within the package delivery industry. We work with body manufacturers and third party upfitters to ensure that the delivery to in service process is as smooth and effortless as possible. Items that we see on the technology and safety horizon include: driver assist technology and electric vehicles.

Transwest stocks the industry leading brands, giving each customer the choice of what is best for their individual needs - these brands include: Freightliner, Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet. We are proud to partner with several body manufacturers, including Morgan Olson, Utilimaster, and Rockport. No matter what spec you are looking for, we can help you find the right truck!

While we do not offer full maintenance lease packages, Transwest does differentiate itself from any other dealer in the industry by having a designated team of service support staff known as Customer Experience Specialists. This team works directly with customers that have purchased trucks from Transwest if and when the unit may have an issue, no matter how long it has been since you purchased the unit from us or where in the country the unit is. Simply call our team, and they will ensure that your unit is expedited through your local shop. In addition, they will review bills to guarantee that all warranty claims have been filed appropriately, keeping money in your pocket!

As the ever-expanding package delivery industry continues to attract passionate entrepreneurs, having the right vehicles and equipment is the key to success. Large organizations such as Amazon, FedEx, Walmart and others use private delivery contractors, delivery route owner-operators, delivery service partners and more to provide fast and quality delivery experiences. Step Vans, cutaways, box trucks, and cargo vans are the most common package delivery vehicles.

When it comes to choosing a trusted resource for purchasing a commercial truck, Transwest has been a reliable partner for over 30 years. At Transwest, we focus on providing quality solutions throughout the entire process of purchasing or renting commercial trucks. Our sales teams are trained to efficiently walk you through your options and match your specific needs to the ideal vehicle. We pride ourselves on our transparent approach to the purchasing, financing, and complete sales process. Whether you are purchasing one truck for a specific task or a whole fleet of trucks for your business, we can assist you with everything you need.

We partner with the top makes in the industry to ensure that we are offering the best commercial truck options. This allows our customers to access the highest quality choices in commercial trucking. If you are currently looking to invest in a commercial truck, please let our team know how we can help. We always put our clients first and will work with you to find the best commercial truck for your situation. Transwest provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your commercial vehicle purchasing needs. From financing options to premium inventory, let us show you why Transwest is the trusted name for purchasing commercial trucks.

The LDV is engineered for high frequency stop-and-go deliveries and speedy vehicle to door drop-off, including grocery and food/meal delivery. Its customized interior is designed for small package delivery, at competitive per stop economics. The modular design and 120 cubic feet cargo volume are adaptable to evolve with customer needs which contributes to a decreasing per unit investment over time.

In addition to dedicated fulfillment centers, Walmart uses 3,800 of its stores, which are located within 10 miles of 90% of the U.S. population, to fulfill online orders. The retailer does this using a combination of Walmart associates, independent contractors driving on the Spark Driver Network, third-party delivery service providers, and in some locations, autonomous vehicles and drones, to make deliveries. Through their expansive last mile delivery network, Walmart can reach 80% of the U.S. population with same-day delivery on a growing assortment of items.

California and 15 states that want the U.S. Postal Service to electrify its mail delivery vehicles are suing to halt purchases of thousands of gas-powered trucks as the agency modernizes its delivery fleet.

Three separate lawsuits, filed Thursday by the states and environmental groups in New York and California, ask judges to order a more thorough environmental review before the Postal Service moves forward with the next-generation delivery vehicle program.

Plaintiffs contend that purchases of fossil fuel-powered delivery vehicles will cause environmental harm for decades to come. The lawsuits could further delay the Postal Service's efforts to replace the ubiquitous delivery trucks that went into service between 1987 and 1994.

All told, the Postal Service's fleet includes 190,000 local delivery vehicles. More than 141,000 of those are the old models that lack safety features like air bags, anti-lock brakes and backup cameras.

Delivery has taken on new dimensions since 2020 when the global pandemic locked down much of normal commerce and spurred consumers to fully embrace online ordering and delivery. The demand for delivery and cargo vans and trucks of all types likely will stay consistent for years to come as economies keep pace with convenience.

Our inventory contains over 5,000 well-maintained, used vehicles for sale, including cargo vans and passenger vans, box trucks, beverage trucks, cabover trucks, reefers, straight trucks, flatbeds and chassis cabs. 041b061a72


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