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Revolution 2020 Epub Mobi Reader

In 2020, we saw a breakthrough in color E Ink displays, with several readers appearing based on the E Ink Kaleido or E Ink Kaleido Plus technologies. We've tested two of them, the Onyx Boox Nova3 Color and the PocketBook InkPad Color, that show some of the exciting possibilities of color E Ink. Unfortunately, we can't recommend them yet; the screen technology is relatively dim, with low full-color resolution and occasional ghosting. LCD tablets are far superior.

revolution 2020 epub mobi reader

Evidence synthesis is a vital part of evidence-informed decision-making, but high growth in the volume of research evidence over recent decades has made efficient evidence synthesis increasingly challenging. As the appreciation and need for timely and rigorous evidence synthesis continue to grow, so too will the need for tools and frameworks to conduct reviews of expanding evidence bases in an efficient and time-sensitive manner. Efforts to future-proof evidence synthesis through the development of new evidence synthesis technology (ESTech) have so far been isolated across interested individuals or groups, with no concerted effort to collaborate or build communities of practice in technology production. We established the evidence synthesis Hackathon to stimulate collaboration and the production of Free and Open Source Software and frameworks to support evidence synthesis. Here, we introduce a special series of papers on ESTech, and invite the readers of environmental evidence to submit manuscripts introducing and validating novel tools and frameworks. We hope this collection will help to consolidate ESTech development efforts and we encourage readers to join the ESTech revolution. In order to future-proof evidence synthesis against the evidence avalanche, we must support community enthusiasm for ESTech, reduce redundancy in tool design, collaborate and share capacity in tool production, and reduce inequalities in software accessibility.

The emergence and diffusion of advanced digital production (ADP) technologies clustered around the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is radically altering the nature of manufacturing production, increasingly blurring the boundaries between physical and digital production systems. The significant requirements of ADP technologies are opening questions on whether industrialization is still a feasible or even a desirable strategy to achieve economic development. IDR 2020 contributes to this debate by presenting fresh analytical and empirical evidence on the future of industrialization in the context of a technological paradigm shift. It argues that industrialization continues to be the main avenue for successful development and analyses how developing counties can leverage the salient features of the emerging technologies to their advantage. According to the report, it is precisely by engaging with industrialization that countries can build and strengthen the skills and capabilities needed to compete and succeed within the new technological paradigm.

The advantages of an online publication are multiple and include the possibility of incorporating new and efficient editorial models, generation, and early dissemination of content, integration of new formats, and interaction with social and knowledge networks, immediate updating and continuous portability, lower distribution costs, hosting additional content to each manuscript,4 among others.1,5 In view of all these situations, we wish to inform our readers and users that, starting with issue 48:2, corresponding to the month of April 2020, the Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology will only be distributed online, guaranteeing the scope and extensive dissemination of our contents. Likewise, new strategies will be introduced to improve the readability of our materials on digital media and thus expand the web presence of content available for multiple devices. The broad scope of our magazine goes hand in hand with its open access policy and its future projection.6


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