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German Vintage

A Vintage Cuckoo Clock is commonly known as a reproduction or replica of antique cuckoo clock designs that originated in the Black Forest centuries ago. They are also known as antique reproductions or vintage reproductions. These vintage Black Forest cuckoo clocks exhibit the kind of detailed craftsmanship that the Black Forest region of Germany is well known for. If you are looking for a clock that shows off the artistry of authentic antique cuckoo clocks you have come to the right place. more....

german vintage

Vintage Cuckoo Clocks are made in a very different style from what you might find in other Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Absent hunting imagery and the chalet scenes, these are regal clocks, often gothic or baroque in form and style. The designs are intricate, displaying the fine craftsmanship that Black Forest clock makers are known for. The details are often reminiscent of a German church house, cathedral, baroque parlour, or railroad house. More geometric in overall shape than their hunter style cousins, they are often decorated with finely carved details and filigrees making these vintage and antique cuckoo clocks both dignified and unique.

More than other countries in Europe, Germany has benefited from global warming. At the northern limit of Vitis vinifera, the country had only a few good vintages each decade. But since the 1990s it has enjoyed an almost unbroken string of fine to excellent years, including 2009.

Despite the excellent weather conditions, it remains to be seen whether the wines will live up to expectations. Generally speaking, in vintages like this the average quality is high, but occassionally the finest Rieslings emerge from vintages in which the top estates had to struggle. That was certainly the case in 2008, which was not as consistent as 2007, but produced some superior wines. Whatever happens, it already seems clear that it should be a vintage to buy with the utmost confidence.

The chart is assembled based on several sources of information. On inspection you will notice slight format changes but the overall idea is consistent. There are four quality levels indicated: vorzüglich (excellent), gut (good) , mittelmäßig (fair), and Gering und schlecht (poor and low). The quality levels are color coded: vorzüglich (red), gut (green), mittelmäßig (brown), and Gering und schlecht (gray). The quantity of the wine is indicated in two manners. For the years 1682-1829, specific quantities were not available so the bar widths are fixed. The quantities are verbally described using such terms as echt viel for a large quantity. For 1830 through 1884 specific quantities were available so the width of the bar directly correlated with the amount. Thus with a quick glance you can see that the vintages of 1834, 1846, and 1868 were both of the highest quality and produced in the largest quantity. After 1868 there was a string of poor vintages with that of 1875 surely flooding the market.

hi martin im sure you are right re wittmann mor 10 being a hair above his 09 im looking forward to tasting it but the brun gg 09 was a great sexy wine and la bourn a one off yes !yes i agree 10 ggs electric crisp maybe i like the naturalness in general of 09 due to no de-ass in 10 were so little made so little great but great they were . i hope its not a forgotten vintage in 5 years . some of the spats in 10 iv never tasted better sexy crisp lively moodyi think in the round 09 can be compared to a 71 ore 59 but 10 may be unique the jury is out the high acid would surely suit the sweeter wines time will tell soon we will be onto 2011 i wonder what this has in store regards sy

hi martinthe wittmann 09 was outstanding and got higher marks so far than 2010 i thought morstein 10 did ace at keller i look fwd to tasting phillips burlin cup winning mor gg 2010. But 2009 was the greatest gg year in germany in my book compleatly brilliant !!

2010 Wittmann GG one notch above 2009 that is a bold statement. I like both vintages the same, although they are very different, I could not say that one is better than the other. Only Morstein is also to my palate better in 2010, the perfume is really intoxicating.

West Germany Vintage TremoloThe Fredric Effects West Germany Vintage Tremolo reworks the classic West German pedal, with a neat MXR-sized enclosure, a flashing LED rate indicator when the effect is engaged, and a more useful depth control. This circuit is famed for it's warmth, with a smooth waveform (not choppy or stuttery like some trems) akin to that found on vintage Fender amps.

The Riesling did not bud until the middle of May and the flowering too was late. There was no proper summer and the grapes never really became fully ripe, even though there was sunshine during the vintage, which saved the wines from being undrinkable (and made them better than those of 1980 and 1978). This was a miserable year for all concerned and the last really poor year of the century for Germany. 041b061a72


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