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Chris Brown Sean Kingston - Beat It Live \/\/FREE\\\\

Bryant Taylorr is an artist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Nashville, TN and is at the forefront of the bubbling Hip-Hop/R&B music scene growing rapidly there. With his crooning vocals, Taylorr's captivating and effortless sound sets him far apart from others. His live performance is just as magical, allowing Bryant to open for major artists like Lucky Daye and BJ the Chicago Kid, in addition to partnering with Red Bull and super producer Tay Keith for a sold-out industry showcase in his hometown. Bryant has been featured on NPR, Okay Player, The Tennessean and The Nashville Scene (amongst others), and receives continuous support from Nashville's #1 Hip-Hop station, 101.1 The Beat.

Chris Brown Sean Kingston - Beat it Live

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