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" Choose where the action bar is: either middle center or bottom left. Choose what button operates "main attack" by rebinding it Diablo 4 Gold. What We Know About The Story Of Diablo 4

The Diablo franchise is mostly known for its engaging, fast-paced top-down ARPG combat system but the series also features deep and entertaining lore. Many fans are just as invested in the ongoing struggle between angels and demons as they are the frenetic loot-based dungeon crawling. Diablo 4 looks to continue the tradition with a darker storyline that revolves around a powerful Queen and a world thrown into turmoil.

Who Is Lilith And What Is The Main Conflict?

The Diablo 4 teaser trailer introduced players to a rather demonic-looking horned figure named Lilith. Although the newest iteration will mark the first time she's been included as the main villain (or at least one of them), the character has been seen throughout the Diablo franchise in the path. Her first appearance was in Diablo 2, where she was included as an enemy only during the Pandemonium Event. She was absent from Diablo 3 but is still "mentioned" via writings the player can discover within the Pandemonium Fortress of Act V. Lilith appears to play a major part in Diablo 4 but players aren't yet clear just how prominent she will be in the "main conflict."

Lilith is actually a very important part of the lore spread across Diablo's universe. She's the daughter of Dul'Mephistos, the Lord of Hatred, who is one of the three Prime Evils. She's also a sister to the powerful demon Lucion, and the niece of big bad Diablo himself buy Diablo IV Gold. Lillith is classified as the Queen of the Succubi and is directly responsible for the creation of the first Nephalem, after sharing time with archangel Inarius.


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