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ODEON Acoustic Software: A Powerful Tool for Room Acoustics Simulation and Measurement

ODEON Acoustic Software: A Powerful Tool for Room Acoustics Simulation and Measurement

ODEON acoustic software is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software for room acoustics. It allows you to design the acoustics of any type of room, from concert halls to industrial areas, using simulations and measurements. You can also create realistic auralisations of the sound in your room models, using anechoic recordings and impulse responses.

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In this article, we will introduce some of the features and benefits of ODEON acoustic software, and show you how it can help you achieve optimal acoustics for your projects.

What can you do with ODEON acoustic software?

With ODEON acoustic software, you can:

  • Create room models using various formats, such as DXF, 3DS, STL, CAD or SketchUp files. You can also use the SU2ODEON plug-in for Trimble Sketch-up, which is the best and most efficient way to create room models for ODEON[^1^].

  • Define sources and receivers in your room models, and assign material data (absorption, scattering, transmission) to the surfaces. You can also import material data from manufacturers or use predefined libraries.

  • Simulate the acoustical parameters of your room models, such as reverberation time, clarity, speech intelligibility, sound pressure level, etc. You can also compare the simulated results with measured results or with reference examples from international round robin tests[^2^].

  • Measure the acoustical parameters of real rooms, using ODEON's built-in measurement system or external equipment. You can also import measurement data from other software or devices.

  • Auralise the sound in your room models or real rooms, using anechoic recordings and impulse responses. You can also create multisource auralisations and soundscapes, using directivity files and zip archives with anechoic recordings[^1^].

  • Visualise the sound in your room models or real rooms, using various modes such as 3D view, grid response, ray tracing, particle animation, etc. You can also export images and videos of your visualisations.

  • Analyse and report your results, using ODEON's built-in tools or external software such as Excel or Matlab. You can also print or export your results in various formats such as PDF, HTML, CSV, etc.

What are the benefits of ODEON acoustic software?

ODEON acoustic software has many benefits for acousticians and other professionals who work with room acoustics. Some of them are:

  • It is based on rigorous and intelligent algorithms that account for both geometrical acoustics and wave acoustics. It also uses hybrid methods that combine ray tracing and image source methods for accurate simulations.

  • It is user-friendly and intuitive, with a graphical user interface that guides you through the workflow. It also has context-sensitive help and quick start guides that help you learn the basics of ODEON in just a couple of hours[^2^].

  • It is flexible and versatile, with three editions (Industrial, Auditorium and Combined) that cover different applications and needs. It also has various options and settings that allow you to customise your simulations and measurements.

  • It is reliable and validated, with more than 30 years of development and experience behind it. It is also preferred by acousticians all over the world, who use it for various projects and praise its performance and customer support[^3^] [^4^] [^6^].

How can you get ODEON acoustic software?

If you are interested in ODEON acoustic software, you can download a free trial version from their website[^2^]. The free trial version allows you to try all the features available in ODEON, using the geometries supplied with it. However, you cannot perform calculations with your own geometries.

If you want to buy ODEON acoustic software, you can contact their sales team or their local distributors[^6^]. They will provide you with a quote and a license agreement. You can also request a demonstration or a training session from their e0e6b7cb5c


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