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A Million Little Things Season 2 Complete Pack

Welcome back, Millionaires! Just like every other episode of this show, the season 2 finale of A Million Little Things did not disappoint. Well, that is, assuming you're okay with a little bit (okay fine, a lot) of heartbreak for our favorite crew of friends, whose season ended with some fresh starts but also a fair dose of heart-rending sadness. Rome and Regina's birth mother, Eve, finally had her baby; Gary and Maggie finally had the conversations we've been wanting them to have all year; and Eddie remembered the truth about the lake house, which threatens to completely upend his life. Obviously, A Million Little Things spoilers follow, but you can watch A Million Little Things season 2 finale right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for highlights of the dramatic season finale!

A Million Little Things Season 2 Complete Pack

Later, Maggie calls Delilah for comfort. But, Delilah sends Gary instead. Somehow, he eases her pain and their little talk becomes somewhat of a resolution to the things they left hanging when they split. But, when Maggie invites Gary out for dinner, he refuses.

As well as revealing how Eddie and Katherine will move past his infidelity (if they do at all), Nash explained that Rome and Gina will have to contend with their difference of opinion as far as having children in this upcoming season, even if that means ultimately deciding to end their marriage. ". . . We're going to watch this couple deal with the fact that, right now anyway, they both want different things in this marriage," he said. "But that story has been laid out, and we have a plan for that that I think will move the fans in the same way that the Gary/Maggie story moved them in season one."

As we grow up, we realize that friendship isn't one big thing, but a million little things. Comfortable, cozy, and classic, this A Million Little Things Logo Adult Fleece Hoodie lets you show off your favorite group of Boston friends with each wear. Made of a lightweight 100% combed ring-spun cotton and 90/10 cotton/polyester in color, this hoodie is a comfortable addition to your style. Machine-wash cold inside out with like colors and tumble dry low.

They say that friendship isn't one big thing, but rather a million little things. Comfortable, unique, and available in multiple colors, this A Million Little Things Logo Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt lets you take your favorite group of Boston friends with you everywhere you go.

Made up of good, bad, hilarious, triumphant, heartbreaking, and celebratory times, friendship isn't just one big thing, but a million little things. Available in several colors, this classic A Million Little Things Friendship Is Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt is the perfect addition to any fan's wardrobe.

APPRAISER: You brought in something that I really find personally interesting. I'm from Louisiana myself. One of the things, you know, when you live in the South, the deeper, the closer to the Gulf, is humidity. And these are all contemporary bindings. This is a 1757 publication. You're got a Hennepin that's a 1688 publication. You also have a later Lahontan that's 1703. So you've got 18th and 17th century books in their original leather bindings. These are actually in pretty good condition considering where we are and just the age of the books. This one needs a little bit of conservation. It's already been fixed once, but you can get it fixed again. It'll come out pretty well. The main thing you need to do to keep these in good shape is you don't want the leather to get dry. And if you live in a house with central air and heat, like I'm sure you do because you're down here and it's hot, you want to monitor the humidity. You don't want the humidity more than 50%. So keep the books in an area that's away from where the door's always going to be open or the windows are going to be open.

Yes. Hopefully everyone is going to tune in for this new season that is going to bring you back the amazing authors and biologists and birders that came to the show last year. And many more. We know that people have been really connecting with the stories, the personal stories of the people that have come to the podcast. So we're definitely going to double down on that. We've also bring in new sponsors. And we want to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about how we do sponsorships.

that's the beauty of birding. I mean, it can be all those things at the same day, really. You can enjoy birds you can chase birds. It can be whatever you really want it you know, personally, I have dabbled a little bit in competitive birding. I know Mike has as well. You know, we're doing things like big days and fundraisers where you go chase bird all day, sort of like the Olympics of birding and also I also have been increasingly interested in taking ownership of my patch really getting to know the birds close to me. And no, occasionally being seduced by the odd rarity vagrant that become a little more selective about the birds I chase. But I do go after a few birds on occasion.

Yeah, it depends on the year. So I would say on an average year, a few white wind crossbills might make it into southern Ontario, Southern Quebec, and you know, the Northeastern US, but some years there, like I said, some years, the entire population of North American Whiteman crossbills could be, you know, in northern Alberta and southern Yukon, and there might not be a single one in the east, and then it could be the complete opposite the next year. So it's really one of these things that and that's why it's so amazing that we have these winter Finch forecasts to start a Primus and get us ready to know Okay, yeah, this year, it's going to be on. So let's get out there and watch for these birds coming south.

Yeah, yeah, I've been lucky to find a few pretty pretty rare things here in Ontario. My absolute favorite rarity story was about a decade ago. It was 2013 and my wife and I were driving along the north shore of Lake Erie from Rondo Provincial Park two point Fili and that stretch eautiful No, it the highway goes right along the lake and we're just driving along. I wasn't expecting to see something. I see this bird up ahead. Can't tell what it is. I get a little closer. And you know, I realized Holy crap. A swallowtail kite kind of appears overhead. I practically like ditched our car. I was so excited. I was shaking. You know I got those twitches my wife Erica, she she phoned my brother who was burning down at point pili phone him to tell him he jumped in his car did race towards us. The swallowtail Kate started heading west towards point pili. So we got back in the car and we started following it. And Erica was sending updates to the birds which is this email listserv for rarities in Ontario. Eric is posting these updates. You know where we are how fast we're driving, you know at same time people are starting to assemble down at point purely in the big parking lot there because it's got a good view of the sky. Birds of Prey have this tendency to not want to go over water so they kind of get funneled down point purely as they get into southern southwestern Ontario. And the best vantage is this parking lot at the Visitor Center. So people are starting to assemble there. Were following this bird. And eventually, you know, this crowd of I'm told, like 100 people had assembled Sure enough, this wild tailed kite crested over the trees and flew directly over this crowd of people. And you know, everybody's laughing and smiling, taking pictures. Everybody's pretty excited. And then a few minutes later, we pulled in and everybody's kind of like laughing about the situation how cool it was. 041b061a72


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