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Buy A World Atlas

This is a completely reworked and corrected edition of this primary world atlas in the classic and prestigious Times Atlas range. This amazingly created atlas has all the required data, whether preparing for travel, keeping in touch with global news, cracking quizzes, and crosswords, or just researching the world from your sofa.

buy a world atlas

Encyclopedic reference mapping with 155 thousand place names supplies an astonishingly detailed worldview. The illustrated thematic visual content embraces the most significant geographical issues of the day, making this world atlas valuable to any reference collection.

A new thoroughly contemporized reference atlas in the thrilling Collins world atlas range. Excellent value and contains all the world maps you require in a budget atlas for family, study, and business use.

The Comprehensive Atlas of the World continued to be the symbol of cartographic supremacy. It relied on trusted media organizations and international companies worldwide, including the United Nations and the European Commission.

This history atlas spanning millennia gives you a widespread view of the critical situations in our past. The book contains 140 maps, complemented with pictures, info boxes, and timelines. You will clearly understand some forces and changes across continents that have formed our world and history.

Over 600 pages chronicle world history in the most informative and exciting way. Attractive images bring the authoritative text to life, so each historical episode is analyzed and described for easy reference and understanding. Crucial historical moments, from the Battle of Hastings and the storming of the Bastille to D-day and 9/11, are given clear but straightforward coverage and profiles of significant figures, such as Rameses II, Julius Caesar, and Nelson Mandela. As each episode in history is described and illustrated, the reasons and consequences are provided in supporting panels to give a broader context and broaden our horizons. Current problems, including climate change and the rise of social media, bring us out of the past and firmly into the present.

Experience some of the most famous battles, such as the Somme and Verdun, through fascinating direct reports from soldiers who fought and civilians who lived through World War I. In photographic galleries, get a close-up view of the unusual weaponry and equipment used throughout the world war and discover more about notable people, including David Lloyd George and Joseph Joffre.

Each atlas chapter starts with a map and visual timeline to set the stage for the events, emphasizing when, where, and why things occurred and transformed history as they did. The last section of the atlas features commemorations that took place one hundred years after the world war and memorials around the world created to honor those who perished in the conflict.

Designed by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, and Ella Morton, Obscura reveals the weird, the remarkable, the overlooked, the hidden, and the mysterious. Every page of this world atlas extends our sense of how unique and unusual the world is. Furthermore, with its compelling descriptions, hundreds of photographs, extraordinary charts, and maps for every region of the world, it is an atlas to enter anywhere.

Unveiling the stories behind 55 historical maps by analyzing graphic close-ups, the atlas also profiles key cartographers and explorers to examine why each map was commissioned, who it was for, and how they influenced navigation, propaganda, power, art, and politics.

This latest edition, created with the support of a geography tutor, has everything children want and need to know about our changing world. Dynamic, user-friendly content contains breathtaking photos, updated exciting facts, statistics, graphs, infographics, and full-color physical, political, and thematic maps on important topics.

This engaging atlas guides the reader toward the most rewarding observations, starting with basic space science and containing a comprehensive set of night sky maps for all four Northern and Southern Hemispheres seasons. A remarkable chapter on astrotourism emphasizes ancient observatories, dark-sky preserves, and other global destinations for the sky-seeking drifter; a final chapter details contemporary and future space missions and what they might discover.

The best world atlas provides the most accurate and relevant information about every corner of our fascinating globe. A reference book like this can also fascinate the reader for hours with captivating photographs of the endlessly diverse regions of planet Earth.

The most notable characteristic of this beautiful volume is that this atlas is the only atlas available that is updated every year. Choosing this atlas means choosing a volume that acts as the authority on the landscapes and statistics that help us understand the world.

The Collins World Atlas is an excellent choice for the trivia and crossword puzzle enthusiasts in your life. This atlas features impressive collections of interesting facts, from the flags of each country to lists of rankings like highest mountains and largest countries.

From the authorities on global entertainment, this is one of the best world atlas choices on the market. The National Geographic Family Reference Atlas expertly delivers the information you are looking for, combined with the captivating visuals this publication made famous.

If you are looking for detailed and continuous world maps, this may not be the best volume for you. However, the in-depth coverage of individual regions and their trends is what the National Geographic Family Reference Atlas is at its best.

This atlas is the second world atlas on the list from National Geographic, but this volume is much different from the National Geographic Family Reference Atlas described above. The considerable increase in size and price set this atlas apart from other best world atlas choices.

This enormous volume spans more than 400 pages and weighs almost eight pounds. The atlas of choice for libraries and schools, this reference book would also be a great addition to the personal library of someone who is truly a global citizen.

This world atlas devotes a significant percentage of its more than 400 pages to an in-depth study of the United States. Some readers value this detailed coverage of the United States, but others looking for the same level of detail on other countries will be unsatisfied.

This reference book is designed to be an indispensable resource for high school students studying geography and global topics. The Know Geography World Atlas for grades 9-12 helps students understand the world, making it more than just one of the best world atlas choices on the market.

This world atlas provides the basics in a colorful and exciting format for young learners. While not a source for detailed political maps, this affordable paperback volume offers a great introduction to the different regions of the world and their topographical features.

When choosing the best world atlas, consider your needs and the audience who will be using these valuable reference books the most often. A world atlas includes detailed maps and topographical data, and information on global trends and even the solar system.

From hefty volumes bursting with information to indispensable companions for students of all ages, one of the best world atlas choices on this list is an magnificent investment in education for any learner.

Description: Now in its fourteenth edition, the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World continues to be the benchmark of cartographic excellence. The world atlas is relied on and trusted by governments, media companies and international organizations around the world including the United Nations and the European Commission.

Description: With more than 470 maps and graphics, this atlas delivers award-winning cartography with superbly designed and amazingly informative maps and graphics providing accurate coverage of the whole world.

Including introductory sections for each continent and the flags and country facts at the end of each continental section, this atlas features stunning satellite images that portray unique physical geography and highlights the sprawling extent of major cities.

With completely up-to-date facts-at-a-glance, a glossary, pronunciation guide, and comprehensive index, this completely revised atlas takes young readers on a high-energy tour of the world and will be a must-have in every home and school.

Vibrant color, fresh design, amazing photography, and new icons will help kids quickly identify information related to land, plants, animals, languages and culture, and all aspects of the physical and political world. Parents and teachers will appreciate the front matter with information for children about maps and how to use the atlas.

National Geographic is committed to being the number one provider of the best atlases for young people of all ages. This new edition of the award-winning world atlas for kids includes the latest data, newest maps and graphs, a fresh and compelling design, and lively essays about the world and its wonders.

Dynamic, user-friendly content includes photos, facts, charts, graphics, and full-color political, physical, and thematic maps on important topics. From the cartographic experts at National Geographic comes the latest edition of its award-winning student atlas, with everything kids want and need to know about our changing world!

Truly international in scope, the atlas incorporates the latest research into Asian, African, and Central and South American history, as well as the traditional core of North American and European events.

Unique for such an atlas, the entire work is thoroughly cross-referenced, allowing the reader to move backwards and forwards in time or across the world from region to region, following themes or lines of inquiry across pages.

The new edition brings the Atlas into the 21st Century and up to the present day. New and updated maps and illustrations cover a wide range of evolving subjects such as population changes, international trading, urbanization, political and economic developments, literacy rates, the concentration of world languages, and many more important and always timely subjects. 041b061a72


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