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Buy Printshop Mail

Use PrintShop Mail's intuitive drag-and-drop interface to personalize the look and content of your promotional documents such as letters, advertisements, direct mailing, flyers, certificates or any other type of promotional documents.

buy printshop mail

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When Word mail merge function is not enough, PrintShop Mail is there to rescue you. It is easy for anyone to use at the office, allowing to go further with personalisation than just addressing. Set up and print documents in just minutes.

PrintShop Mail is a fast and flexible personalised printing software for direct mail, brochures and other types of promotional documents. This easy to use software allows you to personalise documents by varying text, graphics or entire layouts based on information in the database. Personalised documents significantly improve the return on marketing investment by improving response rates and order values.

We have been using Printshop Mail for over 8 years without issues as you describe, however we are using 7.1 and have not upgraded to the 7.2 version. Our use of Printshop mail is primarily for envelope addressing and numbering. We have 2 Imagepress 7010 and a 1110p Black and white, we just install an Canon 800 and I have tried to use Printshop Mail for a simple NCR numbering job and ran into issues for the first time. In this case the first set printed fine but after that it would number only the second sheet leading me to believe there may be some issue with the rip on the 800. We however are using the less powerful G100 rip.

Thanks for your response and update on Print Shop Mail. I have been thinking about InDesign, (and had a call this morning from a mailing software company who stated that he had a huge number of clients that use InDesign for VD). Adobe's suite might be the way to go, even PhotoShop's VD will work. I think this would be a much better choice than PSM.

PROBLEM TWO: On 4-up postcards, 6" x 8", PSM would not print the ("standard" only choice or Japanese) trim or register marks, (and yes tech support logged onto our computer trying many times without success, finally asked us to upload the file to him. Later he emailed that he was able to do this on his system). Without trim marks it is quite difficult to determine the bleed, trim, and back up position. We finally after hours of trying, decided to print 4-up on the Canon800 (with trim marks) then cutting to size and addressing on our Buskro. This is not what we had in mind as a professional print company. I personally tried again luck.

We have been using Printshop Mail since 2006. It was sold to us by Konica Minolta with our first C6500. When we were sold the package we were told it was MAC friendly, it is not. I agree the software is clunky on PC's and the manual is difficult to understand. When we paid for phone support other than the delay in getting a return call I found them helpful. We still use Printshop mail for variable data text products with up to 5 or 6 fields varying within the body of text successfully. If your trying to do variable text and images at the same time we found that to be extremely slow, we have done it but not at a profitable production rate. We would break the jobs up into smaller qty's and co-mingle them in the mail trays later.

This powerful Variable Data Publishing application is tailor-made for print provider and CRD's, who want to engage in one-to-one promotional communication services while also looking to diversify by adopting direct marketing capabilities.PrintShop Mail Connect offers the advantages of a personalized communication tool that provides simultaneous one-to-one communication for print and e-mail in just one step and can go from simple to complex VDP documents. Unlike similar tools on the market, where e-mailing capabilities are just added as an afterthought, PrintShop Mail Connect was built from the ground up using latest Web technologies. Simple and straightforward to operate, PrintShop Mail Connect helps improve business processes, increases productivity as well as profitability, and provides interesting new revenue opportunities.

Create and produce personalized promotional materials using powerful variable data printing (VDP) composition tools. PrintShop Mail enables rapid assembly and print by merging variable information into documents and sending jobs to output devices. With PrintShop Mail Connect in production print environments, you can design for both print and email with no need for plug-ins to external design software. Both offer drag-and-drop operation for ease of learning and use.

The right VDP software tool is key to shortening time to market, enabling new revenue sources and improving response rates. Printshop Mail, which is ideal for environments in which design elements could come from any application, supports rapid assembly, mail merge and printing:

Shift your variable data document composition into high gear with PrintShop Mail Connect, which offers licensing and subscription options. Pull in images, copy and databases, and use the rules wizard to vary content based on gender, demographics or other descriptors. Simplify and streamline orders ranging from simple mail merges to high-speed complex print jobs:

Be sure your software is set up and integrated to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible. Our customer experience management specialists help clarify your objectives, customize and implement the software, train your staff and provide support. Work with experts in document composition, variable data printing, mail management and production print workflows.

Want experts to help you get your message into the hands that matter most? Third-party direct mail marketing professionals1 can do all or part of your advertising campaign to reach current and new customers. Call a specialist or use live chat to design the right mailpiece, target the right audience, and prepare and drop off your mailing.

GrowMail makes sending Every Door Direct Mail campaigns as easy as sending an email campaign. You can use GrowMail's postcard marketing software or a complimentary full-service marketing consultant to send EDDM campaigns in 15 minutes or less. GrowMail focuses on generating new customers for less by intelligently targeting the right neighborhoods with advanced data and analytics. Free postcard templates or custom designs are available so that your postcards look great and drive results.

Printing for Less (PFL) provides marketing advice, design services, sustainable printing and mailing solutions, fulfillment, and marketing automation services to over 200,000 businesses. Our highly qualified team of 300+ employees deliver exceptional print quality with award-winning customer service backed by our A+ BBB rating and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Amazingmail's easy-to-use portal lets you create and complete an EDDM campaign in minutes. Upload your own images and design or select from one of our free, professionally designed templates. We take care of the printing, the required processes, and mailing so you can focus on growing your business.

AMPlified Mail provides responses and ROI reporting, in addition to tracking your mail through USPS for delivery timing to targeted customers. Get a personalized consultation to plan the best design and mail strategy.

Third-party direct mail professionals can do everything for you. Through the one-stop shop Every Door Direct Mail interface that is operated by Taradel, you can choose and customize a design, select your market segment, and have one of our Online Direct Mail Experts, whose services are offered to you through a rotating selection process, deliver your campaign wherever and whenever you choose. Either click the "Start Here" link below to get started or click any of the Online Direct Mail Experts links on this page to create your mail campaign.

Contact us before you begin your printing or mailing project. We can guide you through the process from start to finish, saving you time and money. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to all your printing and mailing needs, helping you do MORE with LESS!

Every print job is different, and the specifications and quantity needed will both impact the turn around time for a project. We understand at times jobs need to be completed very quickly so we will work with you to meet your deadlines, but planning ahead can help ensure a smoother project overall. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions related to your specific printing or mailing project.

Our overall objective is to provide turnkey solutions for students, faculty, and our retail clientele. We are conveniently located on-site and will be happy to serve your needs as it relates to printing, shipping and mail services.

Our center processes all incoming mail and packages for students that reside on campus. (Beckwith, Brawley, Holmes, Merner, Pfeiffer, Suites, and Beckwith Village). We do not accept mail and packages for non-residential students.

In addition to inbound mail, we also offer outbound shipping services as well. Our preferred method for processing shipments is United States Postal Service (USPS). Your price can be determined based on the weight of your package and the desired shipping method. A staff member will be happy to assist you with finding the best rates and packaging for your outgoing shipments. 041b061a72


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