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[S2E8] Kill The Messenger

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The investigation into the death of Caleb Shimansky, a bike messenger, takes a personal turn for Beckett and her colleagues when they discover that the victim was carrying evidence that could exonerate Brady Thompson, a man jailed years before by Captain Roy Montgomery for the murder of Olivia Debiasse. Things get even more interesting when they discover that a wealthy candidate for the U.S. Senate from a prominent New York family may have been involved as well.

This week's installment is titled "Kill the Messenger." During the episode, our favorite duos investigates the killing of a bike messenger. Turns out, the past of a prominent family figures into the investigation.

The quick cut of the bike messenger racing through the New York streets was intense enough, but it was a twist for the episode to actually show him murdered (hit by car driven by masked driver). The messenger bag stolen from his arm would be the key to the case, but its contents never divulged.

The back story of the case involved several red herrings: The messenger was just doing his job. The sender was an elderly aunt hired by her incarcerated nephew, Brady Thompson, to send proof of his innocence in a 10-yrd old case to the Captain, who handled the original case and conviction. The nephew had been shanked in prison that morning. Quickly enough, they track down his wife who confirms that Brady had been paid to falsely confess to the crime. The Captain is greatly affected to learn he sent an innocent man to jail.

Tywin meeting with his council discusses the siege of King's Landing and what will be done about Stannis and the Starks attacking Casterly Rock. As Tywin departs to face Robb's army, Arya is unable to find Jaqen H'ghar in time for him to kill Tywin, and instead forces him to help her escape. That night, Jaqen kills the castle's guards, allowing Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie to escape.

Theon looks grimly over a pile of messenger ravens in Winterfell, killed by his men to keep the North incommunicado, but is pleased when his sister Yara arrives from Deepwood Motte with reinforcements... or so he thinks. It's actually just her escort, and she's taking them all when she leaves again. Yara begs him to return to the Iron Islands as well: Winterfell is hundreds of miles inland, making it an impractical conquest for a seagoing people, and Theon killed any hope of holding the North peacefully along with Bran and Rickon. But Theon, the Prince of Winterfell, isn't giving up his conquest without a fight, and Yara sadly leaves him to it.

Back in Harrenhal Arya is happened upon by Jaqen H'ghar, who has been out on patrol. He declares he cannot help her kill Tywin any longer, and further denies that he offered her help, "only death." So Arya says her third name: "Jaqen H'ghar." She stands firm, refusing to un-name him... unless he helps them escape, which of course will require more than just one death. ("A girl lacks honor," Jaqen observes, to which Arya just shrugs.) Jaqen, relenting, tells her to bring her friends and walk through the gates at midnight, and stalks off to save their lives.

Adaptation Distillation: a fair bit is cut from Theon's subplot, particularly a character named "Reek" who was in the dungeons at Winterfell. For the show, his role has been divided up between Dagmar and, uh, someone else who we'll find out a lot more about next season. To learn about the original, see our A Clash of Kings Recap. A Father to His Men: Ned Stark told Robb that a lord should regard his smallfolk as his children, and worry about them accordingly. Ask a Stupid Question...: Talisa asks Robb how he is, and he replies that he's arrested his mother, his sisters are held captive by the Lannisters, Theon betrayed him and took his brothers captive, and he doesn't know what he needs to do. Talisa apologizes for asking a stupid question, but Robb doesn't hold it against her. As You Know: Stannis and Davos discuss more of their backstory while sailing to King's Landing. Aw,


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