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[S1E6] One Of Us Is Dancing!

The final scenes of episode six saw Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle and James dancing around joyfully in their school hall but at home, a very different story was unfolding. Ma Mary, Da Gerry, Aunt Sarah and Grandpa Joe stared solemnly at the TV screen as reports of a fatal bombing filtered through. The sheer impact of the atrocity was echoed in Joe's gentle gesture of solidarity, placing a hand on his son-in-law's shoulder in a rare show of support.

[S1E6] One of Us Is Dancing!


Shining Girls (Season 1), Episode 6: RecapUntil now, the narrative of Shining Girls primarily focused on the character played by Elisabeth Moss. The culprit, played by Jamie Bell, was shown lurking around in the lives of other characters, creeping in but hardly ever participating in any of the interactions himself. He was a mere shadow representing the trauma he inflicted on the survivors. The 6th episode undoes this and unfolds the story of Harper by taking us through past scenarios from his life and giving us a window into how he became what he did. The serpent-like ability he has to move through different times is something that he discovers about himself in this particular episode. Episode 6 starts with a dance sequence of Kirby (Elisabeth Moss) dancing along with the woman from the tape she finds in the previous episode (Klara, played by Madeline Brewer). Then, the episode abruptly cuts to Harper (Jamie Bell) on a battlefield. Leo (Christopher Denham) stands right behind him. After their brief one-on-one interaction, the episode again cuts to a completely different place with a woman dancing on a stage. Harper is watching her from the audience. This is again the woman from the tape that Kirby finds in the previous episode. After the dance performance, Harper walks in backstage after her and has a word with her. We sense that they have known one another for a while.

You have GOT to love a ball scene. When else, in these modern times, are we given permission to lose our minds over a basic hand grasp? Anyway, this particular ball scene is EXCELLENT: Charlotte and Sidney have great chemistry and the music is as on point as it has been the whole season. Just as they finish dancing, Sidney makes eye contact with a hottie across the room. I wonder who it could be? Surely not his ex!

The crew now starts to see things that cannot be there. Worf is at his station when he suddenly sees a Klingon targ in front of him, his childhood pet. Yar also sees it but it disappears just as quickly. Then she sees her pet cat and is back on the colony where she grew up, trying to avoid a rape gang. La Forge touches her, and she snaps out of it. When the turbolift doors open, Picard almost steps out into open space before throwing himself back inside. The doors open again, and he goes into a corridor. He meets two crewmen running away from some unseen pursuer. Further down the corridor, he sees an ensign in a cargo bay dancing ballet while elsewhere, another crewman is performing the first movement of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with a baroque-looking string quartet. 041b061a72


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