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Custom Discord Rich Presence For Mac

Simply enabling the feature will let Discord capture and show the game you are playing in your profile. While the option is available on both the Discord web and desktop apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux, it is better to prefer the desktop app. The desktop version updates your rich presence much faster. Note that you will need to enable the Discord Rich Presence feature even if you set up a custom Discord Rich Presence.

Custom Discord Rich Presence For Mac

This should enable Discord Rich Presence but in order for it to work, you should set the status as Online. If you set it to Do not disturb or Invincible, the feature will not work. Also, you should not have any custom status as the rich presence info will be shown in the status. But setting a hard-coded custom status, rich presence will not work. To do it:

Though the Rich Presence only works for games, you can manually set the rich presence to anything by using third-party apps like DiscordRPCMaker. Again, you need to enable the Discord Rich Presence on Discord for this to work. Then use this app to easily create a game application that you can then use to set it as a rich presence.

3. In the pop-up that opened, give a name to your application. This application name will be shown on status as rich presence. As it thinks this is a game, it shows it beside the Playing, so if your app name is Bananas, your status will be Playing Bananas. So just give the name of the app that you want to be visible on your Discord status.


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