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Vegan GF Gut-Healing Superfood Berry Greens Smoothie A.k.a. Your Answer To Healing From The Inside O !FREE!

I used to be more of a berries-in-the-smoothie girl, but I switched to a more tart, savory drink instead of sweet. You will see my recipe below. After my live, green, smoothie breakfast, I am zipping to work and buzzing with a better energy than I used to get from espresso! I decided to write this blog to inspire those of you that read this, to try this experiment. The good news is that you can get greens triple washed and ready to use, making this smoothie super easy to make each morning. I usually go out to the garden and add fresh parsley, rosemary, basil, or mint, in addition to the kale and spinach. You can customize this to your taste.

Vegan GF Gut-Healing Superfood Berry Greens Smoothie a.k.a. Your Answer to Healing From The Inside O

There are definitely probiotics out there formulated with HIT in mind, but because I'm not a doctor, I stay away from speaking on those topics (and I've never tried any myself). I'd check over on Mast Cell 360 for some insight into probiotics, however, because I think she has a lot more data and anecdotes on that topic on her site. Glad to have been of help, Lucy, and I hope you continue to get more answers & healing coming your way!


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