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Perrine's Story and Structure: A Classic Textbook on Literature

Perrine's Story and Structure: A Classic Textbook on Literature

Perrine's Story and Structure is a textbook on literature written by Laurence Perrine and first published in 1966. It covers various aspects of fiction, poetry, and drama, such as plot, character, setting, theme, style, tone, meter, rhyme, symbolism, irony, and more. The book also includes a selection of literary works from different genres and periods, along with questions and exercises for analysis and appreciation.

The book is widely used in college courses on literature and composition, as well as by readers who want to improve their critical skills and enjoy literature more. Perrine's Story and Structure is praised for its clear and engaging writing, its comprehensive coverage of literary elements and techniques, its diverse and representative examples of literary works, and its helpful guidance for writing about literature.

perrine's story and structure pdf download

If you are interested in reading Perrine's Story and Structure, you can find a free PDF download of the book at the Internet Archive[^1^]. You can also purchase a hard copy or an e-book version from various online retailers.Perrine's Story and Structure has been revised and updated several times since its original publication, with new editions adding more contemporary works and authors, as well as more exercises and questions. The latest edition, the 13th, was published in 2011 and co-authored by Thomas R. Arp and Greg Johnson. The book also has a companion website that offers additional resources and activities for students and instructors.

The book has received many positive reviews from readers and critics, who appreciate its clarity, depth, and variety. Some of the comments from reviewers are:

  • "Perrine's story and structure is a great text book for English students and great for those studying literature. Highly recommended!"[^2^]

  • "This is the book I used for english class. I bought it because it was the only book I knew of that had one of my favorite short stories, \"The Storm\" by McKnight Malmar...Other stories it contains are: Most dangerous game (Richard Connell), Child by Tiger (Thomas Wolfe), Destructors (Graham Greene), Roman Fever (Edith Wharton), Japanese Quince (John Galsworthy), I'm a Fool (Sherwood Anderson), Everyday Use (Alice Walker), Miss Brill (Katherine Mansfield), the Lesson (Toni Bambara), Defender of the faith (Philip Roth), In Exile (Anton Chekhov), Paul's Case (Willa Cather), Hills like white elephants (Ernest Hemingway), Jilting of Granny Weatherall (Katherine Porter), the Guest (Albert Camus), Greenleaf (Flannery O'Connor), Just like a Tree (Ernest Gaines), Once Upon a time (Nadine Gordimer), Catbird Seat (James Thurber), Christmas Memory (Truman Capote), the Night old Santa Claus came (Benjamin Capps), Rocking Horse winner (D.H. Lawrence), Young Goodman Brown (Nathaniel Hawthorne), Municipal Report (O. Henry), Jury of her peers (Susan Glaspell), Spotted Horses; Mule in the Yard (both by William Faulkner), When it happens (Margaret Atwood), Janus (Ann Beattie), the Father (Raymond Caver), the Swimmer (John Cheever), Bride comes to yellow sky (Stephen Crane), Love in L.A. (Dagoberto Gilb), Gilded Six-Bits (Zora Hurston), the Lottery (Shirley Jackson), Eveline (James Joyce), Cask of Amontillado (Edgar Allen Poe), a Worn Path (Eudora Welty), Say Yes (Tobias Wolff), Bartleby the Scrivener (Herman Melville), Noon Wine (Katherine Porter), Death of Ivan ilych (Leo Tolstoy)."[^2^]

  • "Good product for a good price"[^2^]

  • "classic anthology"[^2^]

  • "great"[^2^]

If you are looking for a textbook that will help you learn and appreciate literature, Perrine's Story and Structure is a great choice. It will teach you how to analyze fiction, how to write about it, and how to enjoy it. 0efd9a6b88


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