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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Full Movie Tagalog Version 13l


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Full Movie Tagalog Version 13l

the inspiration for the 1971 film charlie and the chocolate factory was roald dahls 1964 book charlie and the chocolate factory. the book tells of a young boy named charlie bucket who discovers a way to enter a seemingly random assortment of sweets and other confections in a factory that is under the control of the genious mr. wonka. wonka locks up many of his workers and visitors to this factory, and the only way for them to leave is to return one day with a golden ticket to gain access. charlie and his friends eventually work their way through the factory, where he meets the eccentric inhabitants, including the greedy oompa loompas and the genial great glass elevator, and eventually find the chocolate factorys most valuable possession, the golden ticket. this is one of the most popular books of the twentieth century. the film version of the story was directed by mel stuart and was released in 1971. the screenplay was adapted by roald dahl and the film received four academy awards nominations for its screenwriting, art direction, sound, and special effects.

this is the 2011 hindi film adaptation of the roald dahl book charlie and the chocolate factory directed by prashant nanda. the film stars deepika padukone in the lead role and follows a young girl named charlie bucket who inherits a chocolate factory and later discovers wonkas magic chocolate factory. it is the first time that an indian actress has played the lead in a hollywood film. the indian film is one of the most expensive movies of all time and the highest grossing bollywood film of 2011. the film released in india on 6 june 2011 and received positive reviews. the film was released in english, hindi, and telugu with different dubbed versions. the film was the most downloaded indian movie on youtube for several weeks. 3d9ccd7d82


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