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Isaiah Hall
Isaiah Hall

How to Download and Install Just Cause 2 Updated ALL DLCs Repack Mr DJ for Free

i extracted the files to c:\users\\documents\electronic arts\the sims 4 i put c:\users\\documents\electronic arts\the sims 4\gp04\icons in the sims4 folder so that the sim city looks like i want it to, now it doesn't work. can someone please tell me what i have to do to make this work again?

Just Cause 2 Updated ALL DLCs Repack Mr DJ Free

hey a mod for the game (just cause 2) released. it is called the bargirl mod by hybriden. be sure to install it if you want the new pink dress from clown shoe on sims 4 since it doesnt show in game. good luck!

i have the latest open beta for just cause 2 and it doesnt work properly on my computer. when i start the game after it's been updated (and checked for any mod files), i can get to the main menu and view the neighborhood as any other game, however i am unable to assign any sim to a job. also, the print menu is grayed out and looking through the previous saved games is unable to load, i am unable to assign any sims to the new jobs. i can use the cas options without issue and i am able to create a new household but can't assign any sims to jobs. it may be something out of the ordinary but as a pc user, i don't know what the issue could be. any assistance would be appreciated as i am having to start my game from scratch as a result.

having trouble with my characters being unable to assign a job or buy custom clothes. the jobs aren't showing up, i can add new jobs but they aren't there and i can't buy clothes. i was thinking it was due to a mod. i was having problems with my computer so had to resort to the windows offline installer rather than the online installer but i installed the base game. all the expansion's were installed through the online installer. i have no idea if it was a mod or if i updated incorrectly. i'm going to uninstall all mods so that i don't have any with tainting the game as it is already installed.


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