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Tokyo Vice (S01)

After meeting Emi for some advice, he goes to Miyamoto with the information. Miyamoto lets him come along as they raid the plane but they do not find any drugs there and Miyamoto and Katagiri both let their displeasure known to Jake.

Tokyo Vice (S01)

The vice department hold a press conference to announce that Miyamoto had captured the man responsible for the murder of a young woman but do not release any more information. Then the head of Vice calls in Miyamoto and two others and tells them that Katagiri is close to building a case and arresting Tozawa.

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The initial announcement of "Tokyo Vice" actually predates WarnerMedia's flashy new streaming service, from before HBO Max even had its name yet. With such premiere talent involved, it's clear that the series received its green light in the hopes of pushing more subscribers to the then-fledgling service. Although we've yet to receive an official premiere date aside from the vague timeline of early 2022, that's why "Tokyo Vice" is set to debut exclusively on HBO Max, which has become a sort of safe haven for ambitious shows and could even resurrect some projects that have suddenly found themselves without a home. 041b061a72


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