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Where To Buy Fingertip Towels

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Where To Buy Fingertip Towels

Stock up on stylish bath linens with this eight-piece towel set! Crafted of 500-GSM cotton, each piece in this set features an absorbent cotton loop weave, while a contrasting stripe motif lends a preppy pop of pattern. Including two bath towels (54'' L x 27'' W), two hand towels (28'' L x 16'' W), two fingertip towels (18.5'' L x 11.75'' W), and two washcloths (13'' L x 13'' W), this set can be machine washed and tumble dried for fuss-free upkeep.

Give your bathroom an instant and elegant makeover with these glamorous towels. Hang one on a towel rack, and fold one up on the counter for extra sparkle! Made of durable, machine-washable cotton terry in your choice of color, these towels are designed for a lifetime of sparkle.

Give your bathroom an instant and elegant makeover with these glamorous towels. Hang one on a towel rack, and fold one up on the counter for extra sparkle! Made of durable, machine-washable cotton terry in your choice of color, these towels are designed for a lifetime of sparkle!

Pure 100% cotton terry is woven into a plush ribbed bath towel for a luxurious, spa-worthy towel that has an exceptional ribbed pile that is subtly soft, yet invigorating against the skin. This 10-piece 100% Egyptian quality towel set will add contemporary style to any bathroom decor with its elegant design. Fingertip towels are included to enhance your powder room decor.

Is your bathroom in need of a new look Refresh your space by crafting a contemporary aesthetic. These towels are the perfect pick, showcasing a solid color that can blend in with a variety of settings, as well as a few stripe accents for a touch of visual intrigue. Including two bath towels, two hand towels, two fingertip towels, and two washcloths, this cotton set has everything you need to turn your ensemble into a spa-worthy space.

If you're not a golfer, you may be wondering, "what is a fingertip towel" These highly absorbent, 100% cotton tip towels are slightly smaller than hand towels but larger than washcloths, measuring 11" by 18". They're the perfect size for drying your fingers while playing golf or other sports. In addition, our grommeted blank golf towels are easy to hang on your golf or gym bag. You'll also find that fingertip towels for the bathroom can make an elegant statement and preserve your decorative towels.

Constructed from cotton terry loop on one side and cotton velour on the other, these soft plain golf towels are soft and multifunctional. Bulk fingertip towels are perfect for golf tournaments or promotional events, especially when customized.

Make bath time (or any time really) full of imagination and fun. Our absorbent kids' hooded towels are woven of soft, plush cotton terry. Give that extra touch and personalize for the special child(ren) in your life.

Framed with a colorful polka-dotted binding, our adorable, hooded towels are lightweight, quick-drying and pre-washed for incredible softness against sensitive skin. A thoughtful gift for a baby shower, the snuggly hooded towel is perfect for wrapping up your little one after bath time. Complete the look with matching washcloths, sold separately. 80% cotton/20% polyester; 100% cotton binding.

Step out of the shower and wrap yourself in our soft and supple, all-natural Organic Cotton Bath Towel. Woven of 100% certified organic cotton, these towels are safe for sensitive skin and come in a range of subtle shades and a variety of sizes.

Bold and beautiful, our soft cotton bath towels wake up the bath with pinstripes of brilliant color. Woven in Portugal, the towel features a contrast woven striped border for a clean, polished finish.

Featuring some of our favorite animal characters, our adorable baby towels wrap little ones in sumptuous softness, adding a playful touch to bath time. Made of lightweight, quick-drying cotton, the hood is whimsically embellished with 3D appliqué and embroidery.

Light-years beyond basic, these luxurious towels are all about texture. Woven from a blend of long-staple, zero-twist yarns for incredible softness, absorbency, and drape, the dimensional pebbled texture is contrasted with a smooth border on two sides.

Cotton is the best material for bath towels: It is soft, absorbent, and durable, so it stands up to daily use. For the best bath towels, choose options crafted from long-staple Egyptian, Turkish, or Supima cotton.

Generally, you should replace your bath towels every two years. High-quality towels may last up to five years but should be replaced when they show signs of wear such as fraying or reduced absorbency.

Yes, expensive towels are worth it, but price isn't the only indicator of quality. When choosing bath linens, look for towels made with high-quality materials, including Turkish, Egyptian, Supima, or organic cotton, with a GSM of 750-900 for optimal absorbency.

Luxury bath towels come in a variety of sizes, with each serving its own unique purpose. This article explains the various towel size options so that you can choose your perfect-sized towel based on personal preference and intended use.

Buying a set of luxury towels is an exciting process. And there are so many stunning styles to choose from. But sifting through all the options in the marketplace can quickly become overwhelming. On a daily basis, the Fine Linen and Bath Design Team helps our clients evaluate their choices to choose the perfect towel. Over the years we've discovered that one of the biggest factors in the process--knowing which towel size to buy--is a bit of a mystery to even the most experienced shoppers.

As a leading online retailer of luxury home linen, our mission includes educating clients so they can make the absolute best purchasing decisions possible. We love talking about luxury linen! So read on to learn more about towel sizes, including the standard options and lesser-known offerings like wash mitts and fingertip towels.

Many brands offer additional sizes and types of towels that fall in between the standard sizing. Common examples of these are wash mitts, guest/fingertip towels, larger hand towels, bath mats, decorative towels, kitchen towels, Euro bath sheets, and beach towels.

There is no difference between a guest towel and a fingertip towel. Both tend to be sized in between wash cloths and hand towels, around 12" x 20" inches. These towels are ideal for round or half-round hooks, which can be installed over a vanity top and require less clearance space than hand towels.

In addition to preferring a larger-sized hand towel, some people use these towels for their hair (regular hand towels are too small to wrap up long hair, and bath towels can be large and quite heavy). Additionally, larger hand towels are a great size to use for children.

Bath sheet sizes can vary quite a bit from one brand to another; some manufacturers even offer two different sizes, the standard, and the slightly smaller "Euro" bath sheet. Choosing whether to use a bath sheet and in which size really comes down to personal preference. Some clients find bath sheets too big and bulky; for others, these oversized towels are the very definition of luxury. Just keep in mind that bath sheets do require more space when washing; just a couple of these jumbo towels can fill up a machine.

No matter the size, style, or manufacturer, we cannot talk about towels without touching on the topic of cotton and how different cotton fibers affect the look, feel, performance, and price of your towel.

Look for zero-twist or low-twist cotton when purchasing luxury towels. When cotton fibers are extra-long, strong, and supple, they do not need to be twisted much (or at all) to make a luxurious, absorbent fabric. In contrast, high twist yarn becomes harder and less absorbent.

Egyptian cotton towels are known to be supple, attractive, and soft to the touch. These bath linens are super absorbent and durable. Egyptian Giza cotton towels are made from cotton grown in the fertile Giza valley of the Nile River, where the unique growing conditions and hand harvesting yield the finest cotton on Earth.

Microfiber towels are known for being quick drying. Microfiber and Micro Cotton towels are generally lightweight and less absorbent than types of fibres. They made great gym towels but are suitable for home use, and other on-the-go activities.

Organic cotton towels are typically made from 100% fair trade certified organic cotton. Certified organic cotton has the strictest social and environmental standards. These soft towels are generally light to medium weight and dry fairly quickly -- they are mid-weight absorbent towels.

You can also use these guidelines for outfitting a guest bathroom, bearing in mind that these towels will be used much less frequently. Having a plentiful supply and a range of towel size choices in a guest bath will make a welcome difference to the comfort of your guests. You may also want to double up on hand towels for guest baths and powder rooms. Remember to rotate your towels regularly through the wash, the bath, and the linen cabinet to ensure they wear evenly.

No matter the size, high-quality cotton bath towels should be laundered with care to keep them looking and feeling great. At Fine Linen and Bath, we offer a specific set of guidelines that include using Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent. This concentrated, pH-neutral detergent is made with a proprietary enzyme blend that effectively cleans while preserving the beauty and integrity luxury towels. Learn about how laundry enzymes can treat tough stains here. We also recommend avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach and never using fabric softener or dyer sheets; instead, use wool dryer balls to soften towels and reduce drying time.

Over time, even the highest quality luxury towels can become scratchy, stiff, and dull. They may even lose their absorbency. This is due to towel build-up, which happens from detergent and the minerals in hard water. The good news is you can restore your towels to a like-new feel with baking soda and vinegar. Follow these two simple steps: 59ce067264


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