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Amber Mark - Love Me Right (Audio)

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I'm the light in your lifeAnd you love me more each day(Come on, get off your phone, I need to feel your body)You are starting to drive me crazyWhy won't you realise you gotta love me right, baby?You tell me all the time, babyI'm the light in your lifeAnd you love me more each dayYou are starting to drive me crazyWhy won't you realise you gotta love me?

Rationale: This song hits me right in the chest. It's impossible not to feel your arms and chest aching like Reddings' when he sings about wanting to hold his beloved. The music crescendos around his smooth voice as he begs, "And if you would let them hold you/ Oh, how grateful I would be." It's such a sweet, earnest plea for love, and its focus on physicality is pretty sexy, too.

Rationale: Yes, this song is 90 percent just Karen O singing "Wait, they don't love you like I love you," but it's so powerful! If you say something the right way, and the accompanying music is good enough, there's no need to embellish much more. Proof: Beyoncé clearly nods to this song in her 2016 single "Hold Up." "Maps" endures, over a decade later, across genres.

It happened as old Mhari had told me a hundredtimes, and as Callum Dhu was ready to affirm onoath, that among the men who followed my fatherinto the ranks of the Black Watch, there was onewho had betrothed himself solemnly to a girl of theglen, through the hole of the Clach-na-greiné.Forgetting both him and her trothplight, this girl fellin love with a handsome stranger whom she met ata harvest-home in Glentuirc. He danced with herrepeatedly, and whispered of her beauty and of hispassion until her head was turned, and her heartso far won, that he persuaded her to cross themountain of Ben Ora with him; but her confidence beingmingled with fear, she begged of a companion tofollow them a little way. The moon was bright,and as they proceeded, she observed with growingalarm that he carefully avoided every stream andrill of running water, and that his face, though manlyand beautiful, was deathly pale in the whitemoonlight. They descended into the ravine, and anonwere seen in the full blaze of the moon, near thegreat rough column of the Clach-na-greiné. Ashadowy cloud obscured it for a time. When itpassed away, the maiden and her pale lover haddisappeared. The Druid obelisk stood on its grassymound in silence and loneliness. The damsel wasnever seen again. Her earthly lover also provedfalse; he married a Spanish wife, and after escapingthe whole Peninsular war, was killed at the side ofold Ian Mac Raonuil by the last shot that was firedfrom the hill of Toulouse.

I soon reached the large and handsome modern villa,which crowned the plateau, where the square towerof the Mac Innons had been, for seven hundred years,the landmark of the glens. The hour was eight; butthe baronet and his friends were still at the dinner-table,and the brilliance of the wax-lights in the fourtall windows of the magnificent dining-room, seemedto straggle with the bright flush of evening thatreddened the sky above the darkening mountains of thewest.

At a place named Coil-chro, or the Wood-of-hazel-nuts,a turn of the path, as it wound over the headland,brought us in view of a gentleman and twoladies on horseback, attended by a smart mountedservant, clad in a grey surtout, and accoutred with aleather girdle, laced hat, and black cockade. Thegentleman dismounted, and with much politenessand good feeling, in imitation of the local custom,remained on foot with head uncovered while theprocession passed by. At a glance I recognized CaptainClavering in this polite stranger, and under the broadhats of the ladies the soft features of his bright-eyedsister and the gentle Miss Everingham. It was atthis moment that old Mac Raonuil cried 'halt-relief!'and while a change took place in the bearers, Laura,whose eyes were full of tears, brought her horseclose to me, and holding out her gloved hand, pressedand patted mine with great frankness and kindlysympathy.

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