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when the sisters joined the gentlemen in the drawing-room, it appeared, on a nearer inspection, that there was a little likeness between the two brothers. bingley was more handsome; but darcy had more countenance, and a stronger expressive face. there was likewise a something in his manner of looking at and addressing jane, which recommended him to her fancy, and it would not be unjust to declare, that in spite of her sister's affection for him, she was a little proud of being singled out by him among all the rest. after the others had left them alone for a few minutes, however, she seemed ashamed of anything like exultation, in spite of her disposition to be happy, and with a returning wave of affection, he was reconducted to her side. jane would have been all this while talking if she could, but darcy was too much engaged with his own feelings to allow her to interrupt him, and it was only by glances of delight which said more than words, that he gave her to understand how sincerely he felt.

Ayo, Joyful full album zip

they had now been together about half an hour, when a message was brought from mrs. bennet to her daughter, to inform her that the carriage was ready, and she was ready too, and would wait for her in the hall. the ladies rose, and prepared for walking. they had not taken two steps from the house, before darcy took jane's hand, and gave it a tender pressure. his smile was so irresistibly bewitching, that she could not help returning it; and to conceal the confusion which this silent language of affection produced, she endeavoured to withdraw her hand, though it was evident that he would not let it go. they walked on for some time in silence. she was the first, however, to speak.


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