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Isaiah Rogers
Isaiah Rogers

ANNO 1602 Gold Edition ( FULL ISO ) __FULL__

Anno 1602 A.D. is a great RTS in which you have to build your own empire and defeat your opponents, or not and create a trading packed between them. You start of with a ship in sea and you have to find a good island to settle on. Expand by creating houses, sheep farm, wood cutter, etc. The game is truly a classic as is the background music. This is the full version.After unpacking you have to virtually mount the file via magicISO or another progam. Tested in Vmware with Win XP 32 Latis

ANNO 1602 Gold Edition ( FULL ISO )

The game engine is the file "1602.exe", and so far no surprises: you should hook this executable to DxWnd, but ...looking at the file properties you can see that there are settings for Win98/ME compatibility, administrative rights and these boxes are grayed, you can't uncheck them.The reason is that the settings come from a dedicated shim database "goggame.sdb" that imposes some compatibility shims over this executable. The best way to liminate these settings without interfering with the GOG setup (you said that the game isn't working in GOG native mode, fullscreen and without DxWnd, but you never know ...) is to copy the executable, so do this way:


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