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Dance Pro For Yamaha MONTAGE X7L


Dance Pro For Yamaha MONTAGE X7L

Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L: A High-Quality Sound Collection for Dance and Pop Music

If you are looking for a sound library that can provide you with powerful and modern performances for dance, trance, house, pop and electronic music, you might want to check out Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L. This sound library is based on the same product for the Yamaha MOTIF-series, but it has been significantly newly developed using the new features of MONTAGE like Super Knob and other features of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine.

In this article, we will give you an overview of what Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L has to offer, and how you can use it to create your own music productions.

What is Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L

Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L is a sound library that includes a high-quality sound collection of 32 multi part performances, 184 single part performances, 36 user waveforms, 155 MB samples, 256 user arpeggios and 329 drum and electronic percussion loops. These sounds are designed by international top sound designers to give you a top-actual, commercial and progressive dance/electronic/pop sound with big pressure and high authenticity.

The sound library uses the internal preset waveforms under USER 1, meaning that no sample space is needed. USER 2 includes 16 sample-based voices with drum sounds, electronic percussion and drum/percussion loops. The sound library also provides 10 audio/MIDI arrangements that can be used as a starting point for your own music production, using external sequencers or the internal MONTAGE sequencer. These arrangements combine audio tracks (drums/percussion wave loops) with MIDI tracks (bass and synth standard MIDI file sounds).

What are the features of Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L

Some of the features of Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L are:

32 inspiring multi part performances using the new MONTAGE features like scenes, super knob and FM-X. Each performance contains up to eight scenes and up to eight parts. Some of the performances also include FM-X parts.

184 single part performances including 16 drum/electronic percussion performances. Some of the performances also include innovative "DJ Mix" and "Electronic Mix" performances, providing intuitive realtime edits using the eight sliders.

"Easy Edit" with eight assignable knobs in case of "FM-X Knob Performances" and some AWM2 arpeggio performances.

256 new user arpeggios (drum and synth arps).

More than 100 MB drum/electronic percussion loops (WAV-format). These loops are also available as user arpeggios within the MONTAGE file.

How to use Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L

To use Dance Pro for Yamaha MONTAGE X7L, you need to have a Yamaha MONTAGE synthesizer with operating system OS v1.10 or higher. You can download the sound library from here or from here. You can load the sound library to pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional flash memory (flash memory expansion module FL512M or FL1024M).

Once you have loaded the sound library, you can access the sounds from the category search function or from the live set mode. You can also use the performance merge function to combine different sounds from different performances. You can edit the sounds using the assignable knobs, sliders and super knob. You can also use the motion sequencer to create dynamic changes in sound parameters over time.

If you want to use the audio/MIDI arrangements, you can load them from the file mode or from a USB flash drive. You can play them aa16f39245


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