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Young Video Model Nadia _HOT_

Looks like Marc Anthony and his girlfriend Nadia Ferreira engaged! The Paraguayan model, who was first runner-up at the 2021 Miss Universe, not-so-subtly hinted that she and her salsa superstar boyfriend are engaged after she posted an Instagram Story Thursday (May 12) of both of their hands. On her ring finger was a big, glitzy diamond. On his, a black tattooed ring.

young video model nadia

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I notice that it was important to you to show both sides of Banking While Black, not only the young woman who was discriminated against over a $90 check, but the White police officers who took her to the store to get milk for her baby.

BC: I never want people to think that we are against police. As Black people, our communities need a police presence as much as anyone else does, and so we are not against police. But we are against bad police who are beating us and shooting us in the back and busting in our apartments and killing our daughters. I thought it was so important that we show the white officer and Middle Eastern officer who gave this young Black mother some dignity and some support.

Though the attacks of September 11 were most keenly felt in the US, their impact resounded worldwide. For many who came of age around 2001, the events of that day shaped their worldview, sometimes in surprising ways. Ten years later, the British Council asked young adults from across the globe how their perspective of international and cross-cultural relations has changed.


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