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[FSX] REX Worldwide Airports HD Corepack


REX Worldwide Airports HD: A Review

If you are looking for a way to enhance your default airports in FSX, FSX:Steam or Prepar3D, you might want to check out REX Worldwide Airports HD. This product is a photoreal global airport graphics package that transforms over 24,000+ airports with high-definition textures, 3D vehicle models, custom hangars, lighting and more.

REX Worldwide Airports HD is compatible with all 3rd-party addons, including addon airports, and does not interfere with them in any way. You can choose between HD and standard resolution textures, depending on your system performance and preference. You can also customize your airports with different styles of terminals, buildings, hangars, vehicles and ground environments.

The product comes with an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily select, install and save your creations. You can also transform all airports worldwide with one click, or select specific regions or countries. The installation process is simple and fast, and the product is updated regularly with new features and improvements.

REX Worldwide Airports HD is a great way to add realism and variety to your default airports. The textures are crisp and detailed, the vehicles are animated and diverse, the hangars are airline-specific and the ground environments are coherent and seamless. The product covers the entire globe and works with any weather engine or addon.

If you want to give your default airports a payware-style treatment, REX Worldwide Airports HD is a product worth considering. You can purchase it from simMarket for EUR 26.80 or get a special upgrade price of EUR 21.44 if you have previously purchased products from REX Game Studios. You can also find more information and screenshots on the official website of REX Simulations.

One of the main features of REX Worldwide Airports HD is the ability to customize your airport terminals, buildings and facilities. You can choose from many user-selectable styles included within an intuitive user interface. You can also choose between HD or frame rate friendly textures, depending on your preference. The textures include day, night, bump and specular effects for maximum realism.

Another feature of REX Worldwide Airports HD is the cohesive airport ground environments. Unlike any other global airport texture add-on, REX Worldwide Airports HD contains fully matching airport ground environments for a true cohesive airport experience. You can enjoy realistic taxiways, runways, jetways, ground markings, parking spaces, signage and even special bump mapping that merge styles, giving a more uniform and less pieced together appearance.

A third feature of REX Worldwide Airports HD is the custom airport vehicles. REX Worldwide Airport HD contains a comprehensive library of highly detailed 3D vehicle models and custom-selectable textures in each category. Many variations of realistic tugs, pushback tractors, baggage carts, baggage loaders and fuel trucks are included with more vehicle categories to come. The vehicles are animated and diverse, adding life and movement to your airports. 9160f4acd4


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