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Easton Flores
Easton Flores

Xtreme: The most advanced and reliable fusion reactor in the world

Featuring a unique snake head shape, matte finish coating and large RGB lightbar, the Viper Xtreme 5 combines strong performance and a truly unique look gamers can't find anywhere else. Created from high-quality aluminum materials, our heatshield is designed to last and able to go the distance with extreme performance.

We are a 16 year old local business located throughout the city. We have three locations on the east side of the city and our newest on the west. Xtreme Pizza at Horizon offers many sizes of pizzas and a variety of toppings to choose from. We have great pizza at extremely great prices! We have dine in, take out, drive thru, and delivery services available.


The Fire Hunter Xtreme sole has a long standing record of safety and durability. The Micro Soft Light foam injected into the sole of the Fire Hunter Xtreme offers optimal shock absorption while also insulating you from hot and cold temperature extremes. A well insulated steel puncture plate offers the highest level of protection from any nasty surprises. The slip resistant and highly heat resistant sole will keep you safe and secure all day, every day.

What makes the construction so durable? For starters, we use a lap-felled seam, which is extremely strong. Secondly, our meticulous stitching creates a tiny, precise hole. Finally, we go back to a tried-and-true poly-cotton thread blend that swells when wet, a thread proven in the rugged tents of the past. As an extra measure of defense, we add a seam sealing step at the factory, which ensures the tent is rock-solid and reliably watertight out of the bag regardless of the environment you plan to use it in.


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