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By Buy Baby Registry

Crate & Kids has design-forward specialty items galore. They even offer free nursery design services (because every baby deserves a Pinterest-worthy bedroom). And with a multiples discount and 10 percent registry completion discount, it takes the hassle out of deciding where to register for baby.

by buy baby registry

Love all these retailers but want to condense your registries into one comprehensive list? Check out The Bump baby registry. We sync your registries from your favorite stores within 24 hours, making it easy to share just one registry with your shower guests. (Fun fact: 80 percent of all moms in the US host their baby registry on The Bump!)

Feel like you need one-on-one help? Buybuy BABY offers both in-store and over the phone registry consultations, where you can speak with an expert and get specific recommendations based on your needs.

A baby registry is a list of items that a set of future parents would like to have for their future baby. Online baby registries can include links to purchase items and/or the ability to purchase items directly through the registry.

Regardless of how excited you are, preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy is a big task. Between large purchases (like a bassinet or car seat) and the nitty-gritty items (all those pacis!), the cost of baby gear adds up at a staggering rate.

When deciding which baby registries should make the cut for our list, we looked at the amount and types of products available. We also heavily considered what parents-to-be are saying about their experiences using different baby registries. Finally, we considered any extras each registry offered like extended return policies, product discounts, reminder emails, and goodie bags/freebies.

Perks of registering with Pottery Barn Kids include a wide variety of Greenguard Gold Certified furniture and organic linens, dedicated sales associates to help with any registry-related questions, and a handy online gift tracker.

Other unique qualities of a Babylist registry include access to unique gifts from indie artists and a catered experience for parents who are adopting or using a surrogate. Babylist also offers cash funds.

Some baby registries allow parents-to-be to include services or list general funds that friends and family can donate to. In these cases, you might want to ask for money towards doula costs or meal delivery services.

#4 Miracle Swaddle Blanket: A desperate mom who tried every swaddle in the market said this was the only one that worked for her baby- and I can see why! It makes the swaddling process much easier with its pocket for the babies legs, and velcro backing to keep baby snug! Another one worth checking out is the Ollie Swaddle!

#5 Trend Lab Baby Diaper Caddy: I made two of these caddies- one to keep in my bedroom and one to keep on the first floor (and of course move around as needed). Keep it stocked with wipes, diaper cream, burp cloths, and any other little things for baby you need to keep handy! I also got advice to keep some things for mommy in here too- like lip balm, nipple cream and hair ties! Also- Trend Lab is a certified Woman Owned Business!!

#17 Little Unicorn Burp Cloths- Apparently not all burp cloths are created equal. These are large and shaped well to keep on your shoulder without falling off- but most important they are VERY absorbent so baby vomit wont just be sliding off and landing on the floor. You can find them Here at Buy Buy Baby.

Rental gift cards! Your friends and family can shower your precious baby-to-be with anywhere from 1 to 6 months of sleep in the form of Happiest Baby Gift Cards, which you can put toward renting SNOO. (Psst: Each rental includes a mattress with water-resistant cover, an organic cotton sheet, two organic cotton SNOO Sacks, our free sleep-tracking app, and unlimited access to sleep consultants, 7 days/week.)

Ultimately, what you put on your baby registry is entirely up to you. Some like to offer gift-givers oodles of options from books and toys to baby furniture and gear, while others may fill their baby registry with only the must-haves. Either way, here are the basics that most parents-to-be include on their baby registry:

Need more help putting your baby registry together? Renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp offers his take on the 10 most important baby registry items to include. Plus, here are 9 surprising nursery essentials to consider, too.

Nanit Sleep System: I never added a monitor to my registry but realized I probably needed something. So I did a little research and decided to splurge on the Nanit. Not having to carry around some extra monitor sounds really nice, and we can track baby and her sleep from literally anywhere. Brilliant. Use

Stroller: I was torn between the VISTA and CRUZ (which had me at the brown leather handlebars) and after talking to friends, went with the bigger of the two because 1. The basket is HUGE 2. Friends swear by the bassinet the first few months and 3. We can easily add one more stroller seat if/when we need to. I am working on a partnership with UPPAbaby on this stroller but again, will give you my honest opinion on it. The UPPAbaby car seat and travel stroller were shower gifts from friends and family.

Gowns: This was tricky because I went almost entirely off research here. Friends seem to have mixed reviews on gowns but most said they loved them and that they were the easiest when baby is tiny, so I have about 6.

Along with discounts, registry owners can also claim a free welcome box full of free goodies valued at $35. To receive the box, you have to first be a Prime member, complete 60% of your checklist and have at least a $10 purchase from your registry. The welcome box items vary but can include baby wipes, baby hygiene products, prenatal vitamins, burp cloths, and more.

Group gifting is great for big-ticket items on your registry, like cribs, car seats, and strollers. Loved ones can pitch in together to purchase these items without taking on the expense all on their own.

Becoming a new parent is an exciting, albeit stressful, time for many. Preparing for your little one to enter the world is no small task. There are a lot of products to consider buying, but luckily, you don't have to take on the process alone. Making a baby registry clues your family and friends in to what products you actually want and need as you prepare for your baby's arrival. There are many retailers where you can start a baby registry and each offers a different model and benefits for parents-to-be.

If you're an expecting parent who's looking to create a baby registry and are considering using Amazon, keep reading for an overview of how the service works. If you're someone who will soon be buying gifts for a parent-to-be, we'll cover how you can use the service too.

Head to the Amazon baby registry landing page and click the "get started" button. You'll be led to the sign-up page, which asks a few questions that cover pretty much everything surrounding the registry, from where gifts should be sent to your due date.

Once you've created your registry, start adding the gifts you'd like. Amazon has a selection of millions of products, but if there happens to be something you want that isn't on the site you can add it using Universal Registry.

Simply add the Universal Registry button as a browser plug-in, and you can add items from any site to your registry. With the Amazon app you can access and update your registry whenever you want, from wherever you are. Once your registry is full, Amazon will organize it by categories to make it easy for gifters to search and decide what they want to buy.

You can choose to make the registry public, so anyone can find it by simply searching your name. You also have the opportunity to make it visible to only the select people who you've shared the link with. You even can make it completely private and only visible to yourself, in case you just want to keep a running list of the products you need but aren't looking for gifts.

When you sign up, you'll get a welcome box filled with up to $35 worth of baby products. They also offer the option for group gifting. If you plan on choosing particularly pricey items, this is a great feature, as it allows your friends and family to contribute to bigger gifts together.

Once you're registry is closed, you may wonder what will happen to all of the items that were never purchased. If you still want them, buy them yourself and Amazon will give you a discount to help you out.

You'll likely be pretty tired taking care of a newborn and returning gifts from your registry will probably be one of the last things on your mind. Amazon totally understands and gives you a full 90 days to make free returns of the items on your registry. Plus, you don't have to drive to a store and return it; you simply have to ship the box back.

Amazon is a great place to register. I think Amazon is the google of shopping and usually has links to nearly everything and you can add items from any other other website to your baby registry as well.

First off, congratulations! Having a little one on the way is so exciting. If you're like us, one of the first questions you had once you found out you were expecting was "what do I need to get before the baby arrives?!" A quick google search can result in thousands of product recommendations, hours of stressful research, and an overwhelming sense of unpreparedness.

But shake off all those stressful feelings because we're here to help! We know everyone wants their babies to come home to a safe and healthy environment, so we created the ultimate checklist for non-toxic baby products. Our guide has everything you need- whether you're shopping for yourself, curating a baby registry, or buying items for a friend or family member. 041b061a72


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