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Bully YIFY

I thought this movie was great. Not the best acting or anything, but if you want to watch a great feel good movie it 's well worth it.We don't see everything, like Billy runs one time, but you get the sense that he is doing it every day.I loved the part where after the first day at the gym he can hardly walk. Anyone who has started working out for the first time and over did it can relate. Boy get's bullied, boy meets gentleman who helps him out and introduces him to a boxing gym, boy learns how to defend himself, boy beat bully and get an unlikely girl.I liked it.

Bully YIFY

In "Bully", a punk and his gang enjoy making life miserable for the weaker particularly, the pudgy and out of shape Jimmy. However, it goes way beyond this...the bully is also trying to extort money. Either Jimmy pays, or he gets beaten.After one nasty encounter with the bully, an older man, 'Action' Jackson* (Ron Canada) sees Jimmy getting his butt whipped. In response, he offers to introduce him to Manny (Danny Trejo)...a guy who runs a boxing gym. Now, perhaps, Jimmy will feel confident and be able to stand up for himself.While I enjoyed seeing this film (hey, who doesn't mind seeing bullies get their butts kicked?), the film seems to downplay or ignore one major issue....this IS criminal behavior. The bully is trying to extort money from Jimmy and I am surprised no one called the cops because of this. You can (and should) get jail time for this.This film far better than a lot of the reviews I read.....were we watching the same film? The acting wasn't bad...and Trejo and Canada were great. There is a lot of cursing, while might bother some parents, but I actually think it's a pretty good film for teens.*This name might sound's the title of a 1988 action film starring Carl Weathers.

There's something about the kids in Larry Clark's films, such as this, Bully, and his 1995 classic Kids (which took place in New York and had the feel of an un-interviewed documentary), where the characters are brought so vividly to life, and their contemplations and actions in their dead-end lives, that I get reminded of the people I was around back in my grade school days (I've been out of the public school system for six months now). I remember the lay-abouts, the complainers, the overly medicated, and of course I remember the bullies, laying on abuse that sometimes they weren't even aware they were inflicting. Nick Stahl plays Billy, bully among a circle of teenage friends in Hollywood, Florida, and his best friend from childhood is Marty, played with striking intensity by Brad Renfro, has been daily receiving torment, if not with punches and slaps, then more on the mental side. Soon, his girlfriend makes a suggestion "he should be killed", and very soon after that the circle of friends agree, and then it continues, along with a so-called hit man, a good small part for Fitzpatrick who was noteworthy in Kids.There will be some out there who may not be able to stomach the elements - it's unrated, not a bad move, and there are as many moments of sex as in a Cinemax soft porn and as many moments of smoking dope as in a Method Man/Redman production - but that's all part of Clark's overall effect, and he pulls it off like a true craftsman and not as a overly exploitation film-maker. This circle of friends are a sad, hollow representation of the kinds of societies the youth of the nation inhabit, and the key is that it's correct, at least in such a banal suburbia. Grade: A

Marty Puccio (Brad Renfro) is a life long friend to Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl). The problem is that Bobby is a violent bully who is obsessed with gay porn and uses it to dominate his friends. Marty has sex with Lisa Connelly (Rachel Miner) but Bobby beats him unconscious. Lisa discovers she's pregnant and convinces Marty to take out Bobby. She starts recruits her friends Ali Willis (Bijou Phillips), Donny Semenec (Michael Pitt), Heather Swallers (Kelli Garner) and her cousin Derek (Daniel Franzese). The incompetent teens can't get up the courage and decide to get 'hitman' Derek Kaufman (Leo Fitzpatrick) to help.This tale of disenfranchised youth is quite compelling. The young cast is haunting. Renfro, Miner and Stahl are perfect at being these kids who are spending all their time drinking, smoking and going nowhere. This is very much like River's Edge. Director Larry Clark, who directed Kids, is leering a lot at the young people's bodies. The meandering plot and the aimless teens keep the tension not that high. There are some interesting work from the actors.

I will say I enjoyed The Ant Bully on the whole. Of course the concept has been done to death, and the story is predictable at times. The script on the whole is nice, maybe not as smart or as sassy as Antz and Bug's Life and certainly not as humorous. But this is an example of an animated film that looks very handsome with detailed backgrounds, vibrant colouring and convincing enough character movements. The soundtrack is absolutely lovely. I always look out for this element in every film I review, and I was most impressed with the soundtrack overall. The voice acting is another saving grace, Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage and Paul Giamatti among others do a stellar job voicing engaging enough characters. The Ant Bully also has a great moral about bullying, a topic I feel most strongly about. Sometimes there is a danger of moralising in films being too preachy, but the writers somehow managed to avoid that, and that was most commendable. All in all, this is a above decent animated film, that never tries to be the best movie ever made. It tries to do something original about a over familiar concept, and while not entirely successful, it is a jolly good attempt. Remember you could have been watching Doogal. 8/10 Bethany Cox

From director John A. Davis, and the rest of the team that created Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, I wasn't expecting much from this computer animated film, but I still went for it. Basically ten-year-old Lucas Nickle (Zach Tyler), moved in a new neighbourhood, has no friends, and is the target for a local bully and his gang. The only thing Lucas can do to express his anger is bully the ants in his front garden, and the ants themselves are living in fear of the giant "Destroyer". Wizard ant Zoc (Nicolas Cage) has invented a magic potion that he is sure will shrink Lucas down to their size, and it works, and they drag him down to their colony. As punishment for endangering all the ants, Lucas is sentenced to live and work amongst the insects, and slowly this does open his eyes up, not just to what he has been doing, but to what the ants get up to, e.g. teamwork. But Lucas forgot that he signed a form to get the help of bug exterminator Stan Beals (Paul Giamatti) to vaporise the colony, so with the help of all ants and some wasps, they team up to save everyone. Also starring Julia Roberts as Hova, Meryl Streep as Queen, Jerry Maguire's Regina King as Kreela, The Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell as Fugax, Lily Tomlin as Mommo, Scary Movie's Cheri Oteri as Doreen Nickle, The Nutty Professor's Larry Miller as Fred Nickle, Allison Mack as Tiffany Nickle and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan's Ricardo Montalban as Head of Council. This film was obviously very hyped with the list of big stars providing their voices, and while the animation is good, the story that goes with it is a little dry, but I suppose there is some fun to be had for the family. Okay!

David Leary (Rick Moranis) is a floundering divorced novelist who is recruited to be teacher in his hometown of Hastings, Minnesota. His son Ben is angry and bullies the smaller Kirby. Kirby happens to be the son of the shop teacher Roscoe "Fang" Bigger (Tom Arnold). As children, Fang mercilessly bullied David until David called the police on Fang who stole a moon rock. David moved away and Fang's life spiraled downwards. As an adult, Fang is hesitant and gets pushed around by everybody. However, his bullying personality is awaken by David's return.In this movie, Moranis is too punchable and Arnold is too creepy. Neither is good. Let's just say that I would buy Moranis being beaten too death or Arnold turning into a serial killer. Mostly, I don't buy Fang's early quiet nature. There is one way to write out of that difficulty. Fang could start by being a reticent loner and claiming to be David's friend. He shows his friendship by rough-housing and then it escalates. There is also no reason for David to push away Victoria's drink. There is no reason why he couldn't prove Fang's prank to avoid being suspended. There is a lot of bad logic. On the other hand, I do like the kids and the bullying reversal. The problem is that Tom Arnold is too powerful and makes this irreversible bad.

To me this is a cult classic that will remain in my favorites. It's a story about a kid David Leary who dealt with a bully fang/Roscoe who stole the moon rock I won't say why or what happens but the 2 kids sort of grow up in a way. One becomes a writer and the other remains a bit of a tough guy known as the "Big Bully" - an immature adult with great pranks. This movie was very well written in my opinion by Mark Steven Johnson; it's got some memorable quotes. Steve Minor is a genius at horror among other things which brought some nice thrills in this; it's got some wonderful actors and that lovely 90's vibe that felt so genuinely different. I just all around love this movie and I hope reviewed this decently or at least in a mediocre manor.

The guy from YourMovieSucksDotOrg said it best "this movie gets a dumb out of ten". Out of all the terrible TV movies out there, this is the funniest. Also, anyone who calls Cyberbully's haters "dumb morons who support bullying" are the real idiots in this situation. Anyway, the acting is terrible, the drama is impossible to take seriously, and the script is absolutely atrocious. The writers clearly ignored the first rule of screen writing: show, don't tell. The main character is so stupid that whenever she's sad, I laugh. There are moments in this movie so hilariously awful, that I won't dare ruin them here. I only recommend this "film" to anyone who likes melodramatic schlock. 041b061a72


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