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Buy La Z Boy Online

From recliners to sofas, sectionals, chairs and loveseats (and of course, matching ottomans) head over to the La-Z-Boy website to discover how easy it is to design your dream living room or bedroom and save a fortune when you order online.

buy la z boy online

For example, La-Z-Boy now offers private appointments in its stores. A consumer can schedule an appointment online for before or after hours and then shop alone in the store. It also has a portion of its SKUs available in 3D so consumer can design their space using augmented reality to see what the furniture looks like in their home, also without visiting a store.

While furniture sales at the start of the pandemic were almost exclusively for home office pieces, other furniture categories began to see a lift after a few weeks, Winkler says. Now, online sales from all of its furniture categories are rebounding, including patio furniture sales, which have their normal spring-time increases, Winkler says without revealing exact figures.

The expansion is also part of a branding initiative that recognizes whiles customers may begin their search for product online, they still want to see, touch and sit on the furniture they plan to buy.

As a carpet and furniture superstore since 1963 and long experienced internet retailer (online since 2008) We have a great deal of experience and will always try and put goods into your room for you on delivery and our success rate is over 99% of orders. However, there are very rare occasions where goods will not fit in easily on attempting home delivery, and on the rare occasions where this happens, you will be expected to accept your goods and make your own arrangements to get them into the room safely in your own time in a careful planned manner for the very final stage of the delivery.

We are unable to assemble items such as flat pack bed frames, wardrobes, tables or build any other kind of flat pack furniture. We regret that we are unable to do this due to time constraints, and outside our local area we often use a carrier service who simply deliver on our behalf. If you place an order online with us, it is done on the condition that where goods require assembly, you are solely responsible for carrying this out.

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Similarly, ecommerce brand leaders are faced with the need to refresh their digital experience to meet the global surge in online shopping, particularly in the furniture space where in-store has been the primary shopping channel. Brands like La-Z-Boy, a manufacturer and distributor of a diverse line of sofas, sleeper sofas, stationary chairs, and lift chairs, are expected to offer personalized, pain-free digital experiences to increasingly digital-first consumers. But the iconic brand was feeling uncomfortable with its current customer experience.

The key aspects of the new digital strategy included replicating the seamlessness of shopping in a La-Z-Boy showroom online, a fresher, more modern site look and feel, and increased usability. To help the brand achieve these goals, Astound redesigned the home page, category landing pages, product listings pages, and product detail pages. The sectional configuration page was updated to improve usability by creating a guided, stepped process to help minimize distractions and potential abandonment while key personalization features were added to the My Account page.

Excessive page scrolling due to insufficient filter options was a noted customer frustration. Astound introduced more specific filters to help customers easily cull down products along with subcategory pages to alleviate unnecessary page scrolling. Consumer feedback also indicated that product images were crowded and too small to distinguish important product details necessary to make an informed purchasing decision, a trait crucial to brands in the furniture category selling online. 041b061a72


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