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newly, the efc 10 mfc 10 is come with a new test mode with the name "crosshair"(named after an easter egg in halo 2). as you can see in halo 2: crosshair and halo 2: crosshair overlay for some of the missions on during the game, you have a crosshair over all the main characters. the way you have to place the crosshair is by hitting the r2 button. from multiplayer to coop game, map and specific headgear (such as the helmet), the crosshair is based on the first player to press the r2 button. all missions are fair game with the exception of the unsc titan (ready to hit another april fool joke time). during this campaign, you will be following the unsc as it fights the covenant in the maelstrom and the other planets of the krogan sector.


it has been now our pleasure to add the new halo 2: crosshair overlay and halo 2: crosshair test mode. with this test mode, you can see the crosshair appear when it is activated at any of the locations. you can control the power of the weapon, the range of the energy beams, and the positioning of the laser locks.

the first dlc containing the covenant covenant soldier gear & weapons. it includes all the new "blow gaskets" to the covenant soldiers. it also include many new covenant weapons, armor suits, helmets, shirts, and more.

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