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Where To Buy Z Palette

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Where To Buy Z Palette

Each Z palette includes round metal stickers that you can apply to any products you have that come in plastic pans or non-magnetic metal pans. Anything that is already housed in a magnetic metal pan will not need one. Each Z-palette has a clear cover and is made from recyclable materials (seems like very heavy duty cardboard with something wrapped around it to give it a sleeker appearance. You can also fold the cover completely underneath the bottom portion.

I have been using Z palettes for about a year now (in my Pro makeup kit). At first, I was in LOVE with them. They condensed me kit and made it much easier to pack lots of different products. I have had to keep repurchasing them over and over because they crack so easily. The one I was using for blush cracked so badly that the plastic pieces were falling out into my blush. I have been very disappointed. Z palettes are probably great for condensing your personal kit but not for traveling with them in your pro kit. I will be replacing all 5 of them with the MUFE empty palettes. Such a bummer!

Used to think depotting was a great way of saving space. I had 3 palettes depotted but nowadays I look for palettes like Naked which is compact and space saving. I think it is a waste to depot those. I just travel with those palettes I pick up at duty free airports and leave the large palettes at home. After all, I dont need a rainbow of eyeshadows when I m travelling! After all, we paid so much for packaging and brands. After depotting, you cant tell which is which anymore.

I think it's honestly a good investment. The MAC and MUFE ones are (surprisingly) cheaper. The MAC one is plastic with a clear cover like the z palette, but the MUFE one is metal with no see through panel (it's the cheapest though). I don't even think i'm gonna depot all of my big palettes, but I have some smaller things that I really wanna stuff in it. I think you should get one!!

397 IS SO PRETTY. I DEFS NEED THAT. I saw the MUFE blank palettes when I was at Jenn's/A Beautiful Zen's place, as she also has the z-palettes and MUFE palettes. Aesthetically speaking, I enjoy the look of the MUFE ones more (and apparently the magnets are stronger)!

Iridis Cosmetics is proud to be a distributor for the patented Z Palette, which is an exclusive custom palette designed by an Emmy-award winning Hollywood makeup artist. This palette gives you the freedom to choose the colours you love and keep them in an accessible and streamlined palette. The palette has a sleek and clean design that offers the strength of a plastic palette, while using eco-friendly recyclable materials. Fold the top portion completely under the bottom portion for a space saving feature on your vanity or makeup station.

Besides not being able to see the product names, another downside of magnetic palettes is that they get messy. And yes, leaving my eyeshadows in their plastic inserts makes juts as big of a mess, but that mess is contained within its own home. The same is true for regular eyeshadow palettes. But in a larger magnetic palette, colors mix together as shadow fallout settles to the floor of the palette and then the only way of cleaning the palette is by removing all the products, which requires finger strength, or maybe just long nails.

No way! I have a palettes galore and I will absolutely not depot any of my precious shadows! The idea of wiggling some sharp object to pry it out of the packaging and possibly scuffing up the packaging or the metal tin completely freaks me out. Umm hello what is the point of the rediculously cute packaging these palettes com in if we te just going to pull them out And the name on the front of the. Palette looks tacky. Same with the sephora z palette looks like it should be free with purchase or something

I dislike Z-palettes just because they get so darn messy inside, and I hate seeing a bunch of round pans in the rectangular palette, because they never quite fit right. I like it b


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