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Timing Solution Advanced Crack B: Pros and Cons

Designed for advanced integrated circuit substrates (AICS) or advanced packaging manufacturing applications, incorporating a 250mm x 250mm large field exposure area achieving 3μm resolution over a broad DOF and a throughput of > 110pph

Timing Solution Advanced Crack B


Side-channel attacks involve collecting information about what a computing device does when it is performing cryptographic operations and using that information to reverse-engineer the device's cryptography system. These attacks may use timing information, such as how long it takes the computer to perform computations; electromagnetic leaks; audio clues; and optical information -- for example, from a high-resolution camera -- to discover extra information about how the system is processing the AES encryption. In one case, a side-channel attack was used successfully to deduce AES-128 encryption keys by carefully monitoring the cipher's shared use of the processors' cache tables.

The entire M&A process requires precise timing. If a compliance or transactional detail falls through the cracks, your organization can face delays, penalties, and other issues. To help mitigate these risks and develop a solid merger plan, this article explores the various phases of the deal from due diligence work to deal closure.


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