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Crossover Mac Visual Studio

Crossover Mac Visual Studio --->

I am able to debug my app with WiFi connection; now i am trying to use a crossover cable to debug xamarin ios apps from my windows pc to mac.I can locate the mac, connect and launch debug on the connected physical device, but during the compilation the process remains in a loop on the ping to the broker.

Darren has three developers on the team who use Mac, and two of them use Parallels to develop on Windows. They use Visual Studio.Net, SQL Server management studio, and other various tools for development.

What CrossOver surely also will support is visually seamless integration. With a VM that's more complicated, as just hovering the mouse over the VM window means you switch OS, the host and guest need tools to make the guest window work like it's just an application, but Parallels is good at that, meaning you share clipboard, can drag&drop from Win to OS etc.

Have a look at my latest article in the series which is about using FreeRTOS: -studio-code-for-c-c-with-arm-cortex-m-part-7-freertos/. So indeed FreeRTOS with thread awareness is supported, but it is not up to the level of the FreeRTOS experience as in Eclipse (e.g. see -freertos-debugging-in-eclipse/). 1e1e36bf2d


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