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compuserve then closed out its 1979 fiscal year on a down note, dragging the software segment down with it, while the hardware segment, for the first time in its history, reported a profit (albeit one that reflected the value of its physical facilities, not its income). in its final three months, compuserve reported net income of roughly $2 million, which meant in three months the company had almost exactly doubled its annual income to $5.2 million.

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wilkinss vision had always been to get compuserve into as many of the major cities as possible so as to maximize the chance of attracting a large enough pool of new customers; in retrospect, his initial optimism on a nationwide cdtv system was optimistic to a fault, and his efforts to become the de facto provider of online services to the world were never going to be beyond the capacity of his company to support. but while the fool had been a slow starter, most of the other members of the world community of geek hobbyists were not, and very soon, micronet found itself with forty to sixty thousand home-based users, with a quickly growing number of bureau correspondents and some trickle of office-based customers.

for the people behind micronet, this was very promising; wilkins and his staff had made many mistakes during the early stages of their careers, but they were learning. besides, when one considers that their entire revenue stream, from existing corporate accounts and fees from subscribers, accounted for perhaps a fifth of their total annual income, the possibility that their new customer base could grow to exceed the potential for new revenue was tantalizing.


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