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W2 Form 2012

An employer is not required to issue a Form W-2 solely to report the value of the health care coverage for retirees or other employees or former employees to whom the employer would not otherwise provide a Form W-2.

W2 Form 2012

The chart below illustrates the types of coverage that employers must report on the Form W-2. Certain items are listed as "optional" based on transition relief provided by Notice 2012-9PDF (restating and clarifying Notice 2011-28PDF). Future guidance may revise reporting requirements but will not be applicable until the tax year beginning at least six months after the date of issuance of such guidance.

See form for instructions on how to submit. Many of the forms are fillable, Adobe Reader Version 11+ includes a feature that allows a fillable form to be saved. Unable to print/download? Call the Department for further assistance.

With DocHub, you can easily complete your 2012 w2 form for 2023. This potent paperwork editor will mitigate the hassle of the end of the taxation year. You have all resources for easy and quick online document editing, even if you have yet to try its interface. Just open the editor and fill out your document, as it is an issue of a few steps.

Fill-out forms allow you to enter information into a form while it is displayed on your computer screen and then print out the completed form. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.1 (or newer), which is available for free online. You can also print out the form and write the information by hand. Fill-out forms are better than hand written forms because they offer a cleaner and crisper printout for your records and are easier for us to process.

IMPORTANT: The Acrobat Reader does not allow you to save your fill-out form to disk. To do so, you must have the full Adobe Acrobat 4.1 (or newer) product suite, which can be purchased from Adobe. Maryland fill-out forms use the features provided with Acrobat 3.0 products. There is no computation, validation or verification of the information you enter, and you are fully responsible for the accuracy of all required information.

When you click on your selected form, the file will open in Adobe Acrobat and you will see a cursor that is shaped like a hand. The hand cursor will allow you to move the form around on your screen when you click and drag. When you position the hand cursor on the form and click, the I-beam cursor will appear. The I-beam cursor allows you to select a field, a check box, a radio button, or an item from a list. Use the Tab key to accept the field change and go to the next field. Use Shift + Tab to accept the field change and go to the previous field. When you are finished filling out the form, use your mouse to select an area of the form outside of a form field before printing your form. If a form field is active (contains the blinking bar) the contents will not print. If the fill-out form is displayed within your web browser's window be sure to use the print button on the Acrobat toolbar menu to print the form instead of your web browser print function.

Occasionally, .PDF files such as tax forms, worksheets, and instructions may not open automatically in your Internet browser. If you encounter this problem, you must first download and save the file to your computer before viewing it. Upon saving the file to your hard drive, you may view the file by opening it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

*Currently, Adobe Reader is the recommended application whose PDF form filling and 2D barcode generation capabilities are compatible with some of the advanced features enabled on the form. You may download it for free at: . If you need further assistance, you may contact Taxpayer Service at 410-260-7980 from Central Maryland or at 1-800-MD-TAXES from elsewhere. Assistance is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm; or you may email your request to

To request a copy of a Maryland tax return you filed previously, send us a completed Form 129 by mail or by fax. Please include your name, address, Social Security number, the tax year you are requesting and your signature. If you are requesting a copy of a joint return, include the information for both taxpayers and their signatures.

Using the information generated by the Address Search Application, register your business with the appropriate local tax collector(s) in order to obtain a local tax ID number. Most often, the easiest way to register your business with a local tax collector is to do so directly through their website (as shown on the report generated by the Address Search Application). Alternatively, you may register your business by completing and submitting a paper version of the Employer Registration for Local Earned Income Tax Withholding form.

On or before the last day of February following the close of the calendar year, employers must complete and submit the W2-R Annual Reconciliation Earned Income Tax Withheld From Wages form to the appropriate local tax collector(s).

Your W-2 (Employee Wage and Tax Statement) form for tax year 2011 is now available online. You will also be receiving a paper W-2 form by the end of January. If you do not receive this paper form, or need to re-print it for any reason, you may now do so by visiting the site listed below. In addition to tax year 2011, you may view, print, and download W-2 forms for any year back to 2002.

In order to access your online W-2 forms, please visit -2 and sign on using your university NetID and password. This is the same ID and password used to access the online pay statements. The employee notice for the information on the back of the W-2 form is available from

Looking for the W2 and W3 official instructions for preparing year end employee tax forms? The IRS published this guide (see below) in November 2011 which also includes a handy list of W2 Box 12 form codes and their proper use.

You can no longer e-file a 2012 Federal or State Tax Return; mail-in instructions are below. Why deal with all these complicated tax forms? On, you can prepare your current year tax return entirely online and file it electronically - eFileIT - to the IRS and states. The eFile Tax App handles all the tax forms for you; you can only e-file a current year tax return on or anywhere. Prepare and e-File your current year return by these tax deadlines and dates.

The forms below will open in the online editor - complete, sign, print, and mail in your 2012 Return to the correct IRS mailing address, not the current mailing address. Don't handle all these tax forms by filing your return online each year! Sign up for a free account so we can help prepare and e-file your currently due returns.

The Affordable Care Act created a new health coverage reporting requirement intended to provide employees useful and comparable consumer information about the cost of their health care coverage. Employers are now required to calculate and report the aggregate cost of employer-sponsored health coverage in Box 12, Code DD on employees' Form W-2.

The Affordable Care Act created a new health coverage reporting requirement intended to provide employees useful and comparable consumer information about the cost of their health care coverage. Form W-2 reporting is for informational purposes only and does not change the taxability of the health coverage provided.

Employers are required to calculate and report the aggregate cost of employer-sponsored health coverage in Box 12, Code DD on employees' Form W-2. The reporting requirement first applies to the Form W-2 for 2012 that is generally provided to employees in January 2013. Employers should now be thinking about if the reporting requirement applies and if it does, how to properly report the cost of health coverage.

Employers that provide "applicable employer-sponsored coverage" under a group health plan are subject to the reporting requirement. Health care reform originally required all employers to report the value of coverage; however, the IRS modified the reporting obligations in a Notice issued earlier this year. Presently, the Form W-2 reporting obligation applies to employers (businesses, tax-exempt organizations, and federal, state and local government entities (except with respect to plans maintained primarily for members of the military and their families)) who issue 250 or more Forms W-2 for the prior calendar year. That means an employer who issued 250 or more Forms W-2 with respect to 2011 must report for the 2012 Form W-2.

Employers filing fewer than 250 Forms W-2 for the previous calendar year may, but are not required to, report the cost of coverage on the 2012 Form W-2. Multi-employer plans are also not required to report. The IRS has stated that this relief from the reporting requirements will apply until the IRS issues guidance specifically making the reporting applicable.

BAS' systems are equipped to provide the required information for compliance with the Form W-2 reporting requirements. BAS can provide self-service access to a report of all the health coverage data elements necessary to provide a payroll system with the required reporting values. Please contact for more information about the BAS Form W-2 Reporting Service.

Samford University seeks to ensure our employees are fairly compensated. Learn about our early closing policies and procedures, international transactions and tax-related information as well as our payroll schedule. 041b061a72


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