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Pricing varies by channel. You can see details about the trial, monthly price, and renewal terms before confirming your subscription. In addition to subscribing to Apple TV channels, you can subscribe to Apple TV+ to watch original stories from the most creative minds in TV and film.

If you have trouble accessing a subscription to an Apple TV channel in the Apple TV app, you might need to cancel your subscription on that channel's website or app, then subscribe to the channel again in the Apple TV app.

When you subscribe to a channel, you'll see new videos in your Subscriptions tab . The Home tab also shows videos from your subscriptions, along with recommendations for channels or videos that you may be interested in.

If you get notifications for videos and channels that you didn't subscribe to, or content that you unsubscribed from, it might be due to a browser extension subscribing you without your permission. Learn more about how to control browser extensions.

SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE and PUBLISHimplement the Publish/Subscribe messagingparadigm where(citing Wikipedia) senders (publishers) are not programmed to sendtheir messages to specific receivers (subscribers). Rather, publishedmessages are characterized into channels, without knowledge of what (ifany) subscribers there may be. Subscribers express interest in one ormore channels, and only receive messages that are of interest, withoutknowledge of what (if any) publishers there are. This decoupling ofpublishers and subscribers can allow for greater scalability and a moredynamic network topology.

A client subscribed to one or more channels should not issue commands,although it can subscribe and unsubscribe to and from other channels.The replies to subscription and unsubscribing operations are sent inthe form of messages, so that the client can just read a coherentstream of messages where the first element indicates the type ofmessage. The commands that are allowed in the context of a subscribedclient are SUBSCRIBE, SSUBSCRIBE, SUNSUBSCRIBE, PSUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, PUNSUBSCRIBE, PING, RESET, and QUIT.

Please note that when using redis-cli, in subscribed modecommands such as UNSUBSCRIBE and PUNSUBSCRIBE cannot be used becauseredis-cli will not accept any commands and can only quit the mode with Ctrl-C.

unsubscribe: means that we successfully unsubscribed from thechannel given as second element in the reply. The third argumentrepresents the number of channels we are currently subscribed to. Whenthe last argument is zero, we are no longer subscribed to any channel,and the client can issue any kind of Redis command as we are outside thePub/Sub state.

message: it is a message received as result of a PUBLISH commandissued by another client. The second element is the name of theoriginating channel, and the third argument is the actual messagepayload.

Similarly to SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE, PSUBSCRIBE andPUNSUBSCRIBE commands are acknowledged by the system sending a messageof type psubscribe and punsubscribe using the same format as thesubscribe and unsubscribe message format.

A client may receive a single message multiple times if it's subscribedto multiple patterns matching a published message, or if it issubscribed to both patterns and channels matching the message. Like inthe following example:

In subscribe, unsubscribe, psubscribe and punsubscribemessage types, the last argument is the count of subscriptions stillactive. This number is actually the total number of channels andpatterns the client is still subscribed to. So the client will exitthe Pub/Sub state only when this count drops to zero as a result ofunsubscribing from all the channels and patterns.

From 7.0, sharded Pub/Sub is introduced in which shard channels are assigned to slots by the same algorithm used to assign keys to slots.A shard message must be sent to a node that own the slot the shard channel is hashed to.The cluster makes sure the published shard messages are forwarded to all nodes in the shard, so


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