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Nakka Mukka Video Song Hd 1080p ((EXCLUSIVE))


Nakka Mukka: The Viral Tamil Song That Rocked India

Nakka Mukka is a Tamil song composed and sung by Vijay Antony for the 2008 film Kaadhalil Vizhunthen. The song became a huge hit and went viral across India, thanks to its catchy tune and energetic lyrics. The song has two versions: a male version sung by Vijay Antony himself, and a female version sung by Chinna Ponnu and Nakulan.

The song features the lead actors of the film, Nakul and Sunaina, dancing in various locations with a group of dancers. The song also has some English words mixed with Tamil, such as "rock your body" and "shake your booty". The song is a fusion of folk, pop and rap genres, and has a fast tempo that makes it suitable for parties and celebrations.

The song was also used in the 2011 Cricket World Cup as a promotional anthem by the Indian team. The song was played in stadiums and on television during the matches, and became a source of inspiration and motivation for the players and fans. The song also received international recognition, as it was featured in the 2012 American film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Nakka Mukka is one of the most popular and successful Tamil songs of all time, and has been viewed millions of times on YouTube. The song has also been remixed, covered and parodied by various artists and fans. The song is a testament to the power and appeal of Tamil music, and has become a cultural phenomenon in India.

The title of the song, Nakka Mukka, is a nonsensical phrase that has no literal meaning in Tamil. However, some sources suggest that it is derived from the words "nakku" (tongue) and "mukku" (nose), implying a gesture of defiance or mockery. The song also uses some other words that are not commonly used in Tamil, such as "adra" (a sound of exclamation) and "ponnugalam" (a term for women).

The lyrics of the song are based on an ancient Tamil folk song that talks about the cycle of life and death, and the role of God in creating and destroying everything. The song also refers to the story of Kannagi, a legendary Tamil woman who burnt down the city of Madurai with her curse after her husband was unjustly executed by the king. The song praises Kannagi as a symbol of chastity and loyalty, and contrasts her with the corrupt and sinful people of Madurai.

The song has been praised for its catchy tune and energetic performance by Vijay Antony and Chinna Ponnu. The song has also been criticized for its vulgar and offensive language and imagery by some conservative groups and individuals. The song has sparked debates on the issues of culture, morality, censorship and freedom of expression in Tamil Nadu and India.

Nakka Mukka: The Award-Winning Tamil Song That Made History

Nakka Mukka not only became a viral sensation in India, but also won several prestigious awards and accolades for its originality and creativity. The song was featured in a commercial for The Times of India, directed by R. Balki and produced by Nirvana Films. The commercial showed people from different walks of life dancing to the song in various settings, such as a hospital, a courtroom, a classroom and a traffic jam. The commercial was aimed at celebrating the diversity and spirit of Chennai, and was titled "A Day in the Life of Chennai".

The commercial won two Gold Lions at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2009, one for Film and one for Film Craft. It also won a Silver Lotus at the Adfest 2009, and a Bronze at the Clio Awards 2009. The commercial was praised for its innovative use of music and visuals, and for capturing the essence of Chennai's culture and identity. The commercial also boosted the popularity of the song and the film across India and abroad.

Nakka Mukka also received several awards and nominations for its music and lyrics. Vijay Antony won the Best Music Director award at the Cyprus International Film Festival 2008, and was nominated for the same at the Filmfare Awards South 2008 and the Vijay Awards 2008. The song also won t


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