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Isaiah Rogers
Isaiah Rogers

Meep City Destroyer V2 __TOP__

The Sentry arrives and attacks the Hulk. Sentry and the Hulk battle, leveling the city, until they revert into Robert Reynolds and Bruce Banner with Reynolds passing out. Angered that the Hulk disappeared, Warbound member Miek attacks Banner. Rick Jones pushes Banner aside and is injured, causing Banner to return to Hulk form. As the Hulk attacks the Warbound, Miek reveals the explosion that started this war was not caused by the Illuminati, but by Red King loyalists. Miek chose not to prevent it, hoping the incident would encourage the Hulk to keep destroying. Overwhelming rage causes the Hulk to unwillingly radiate energy that threatens Earth. Stark activates a series of weaponized satellites that open fire on the Hulk, leaving him unconscious in his Bruce Banner form.[20]

Meep City Destroyer V2


"Built based off of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Has a capacity of 5 players (excluding lifeboats). There are only two lifeboats with two seats each. When the rig is flipped over (maybe by the geysers), the lifeboats deploy and automatically flip over the right way." 041b061a72


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