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Complete Hummel Value Guide

Thank you very much for your reply. I have looked everywhere on the figurine but i can not find a date. On the base at the back behind the two boys legs there is the name m j hummel engraved as well as the othr markings i already told you about. Is there some way i can tell the date so that i can get a more accurate value?

Complete Hummel Value Guide

Hello again. I must say that you are very informative. I looked up your hummel age guide and mu hummel marking for the two boys (no 123) appear to be the 1950s. either the first or second diagram on the left side. with that in mind could you perhaps give another shot at narrowing down the price range? By the way i live in Ireland and not much is known around here. My candle holder appears to be around the same time but the it has germany writen in black on this one(no 37). Again i appreciate your knowledge.

Hi KorinI have a hummel that I got from my grandmother. It is marked on the bottom with a2627b and it is a little boy with a boot in front of him and he is putting a fish in the boot. I know nothing of the year name or value. I hope you can help. Thanks Ronda

The price on this lamp vary greatly from trademark to trademark. I would need to know what trademark you lamp is to give you a accurate value. You can use this age guide to help you with this information.

I have both the umbrella Girl 152/B and the umbrella boy 152/A from the 1950-1955 time frame. The Girl one says 1951 on it, the boy does not, but they have the right Goebel marks, and they were purchased in Germany 1953-1957. From your guide it shows each retail price at $1,750.00 Does that value change depending on how old they are? They are both in very good condition. I do not detect any chips or scrapes.

The value does change with the age. Also guides go out of date rather quickly due to market changes and the time it takes to produce a guide. Most guides are about 1-2 years behind the current market. With the current market conditions we are seeing about a 40% drop in prices right now. That would put both Hummel 152/A & B trademark 3 figurines estimated value at $750 per figurine. These values should always be used as a guide.

I have inherited a complete collection of Hummel plates (1971-1995) and was wondering the value. There are no boxes, but all plates are in good condition with only 3 or 4 having small (less than 1cm) chips, mostly on the edges. Thanks.

i have a goose girl figurine in good conditon and a monk salt and pepper (brown) and a monk toby jug (also brown) all in good condition. anyone know the value of any of them ? also does anyone know any sites selling hummel cheaply in the uk.

I have a trademark #4 hummel that is a blue angel musical figurine that plays happy birthday. The number marking on the bottom is HX328. I also have a similar musical figurine that is numbered HX336, It is a santa looking figure in red long coat with fur trim holding a bag and what looks like golden sticks or straw. Any idea what the value of these items are?

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