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How to Use Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP for Epic Orchestral Sounds

How to Use Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP for Epic Orchestral Sounds

If you are looking for a way to create realistic and cinematic orchestral sounds in your music production, you might want to check out Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP. This is a collection of presets for the popular synthesizer plugin Nexus 2, which features a variety of orchestral instruments and effects. In this article, we will show you how to install and use this expansion pack, as well as some examples of what you can do with it.

nexus 2.expansion.hollywood nxp

How to Install Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP

Before you can use this expansion pack, you need to have Nexus 2 installed on your computer. You can download Nexus 2 from the official website of ReFX, the developer of the plugin. You will also need a license key to activate it.

Once you have Nexus 2 installed and activated, you can download Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP from the ReFX website as well. You will need to log in with your account and purchase the expansion pack for $60. After that, you will receive a download link and a serial number.

To install the expansion pack, you need to follow these steps:

  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to a folder on your computer.

  • Open Nexus 2 in your DAW (digital audio workstation) of choice.

  • Click on the "sys" button on the top right corner of the plugin interface.

  • Click on the "import data" button and browse to the folder where you extracted the ZIP file.

  • Select the file "Hollywood.nxp" and click "open".

  • Enter the serial number that you received when you purchased the expansion pack and click "ok".

  • Wait for the installation process to finish. You might need to restart Nexus 2 or your DAW for the changes to take effect.

How to Use Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP

After you have installed the expansion pack, you can access it from the preset browser of Nexus 2. You will see a new category called "Hollywood" with subcategories for different types of orchestral sounds, such as basses, brasses, strings, woodwinds, drums, leads, plucks, pianos, sequences, and more. You can click on any of these subcategories and browse through the presets by using the arrow buttons or the mouse wheel.

To load a preset, simply click on its name and it will appear on the main screen of Nexus 2. You can then tweak the sound using the knobs and sliders on the interface, or use the modulation matrix and arpeggiator for more advanced options. You can also layer up to four presets together by using the "mix" button on the bottom right corner of the plugin.

Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP offers a wide range of orchestral sounds that can suit different genres and moods. You can use them to create epic soundtracks, dramatic scores, ambient atmospheres, or even pop and EDM songs with a cinematic touch. Here are some examples of what you can do with this expansion pack:

  • Create a powerful orchestral intro with basses, brasses, strings, and drums.

  • Add some emotion and depth to your melodies with lush strings and woodwinds.

  • Create tension and suspense with dark and ominous sequences and effects.

  • Add some sparkle and elegance to your tracks with plucks, pianos, and harps.

  • Create dynamic and rhythmic patterns with arpeggiated leads and sequences.


Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood NXP is a great addition to your Nexus 2 library if you are looking for high-quality orchestral sounds that are easy to use and versatile. You can create stunning compositions that will rival those heard in big-budget movies with just a few clicks. Whether you are a beginner or a professional producer, you will find this expansion pack useful and inspiring for your music projects. 29c81ba772


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